On Naps

There was a time in my life, not too long ago, when I thought naps were the greatest thing ever.

Thanksgiving 2008, for instance. I was off on paid holiday Thursday and Friday and took off the following Monday just because. The director let us leave early Wednesday, too, so I decided I would attempt a nap world record: six days, six naps, no mercy.

It was tough, but I did it.

When you’re a new Mom, you get really preoccupied with sleep. It becomes a fantasy. I have been daydreaming about sleep for ten months, and in those ten months haven’t felt well rested one single day.

I longed for the days when I could crawl into bed, turn on my white noise machine and sleep for hours. I dreamt of soft sheets, warm blanket and my ceiling fan softly cooling my face;  of being woken by a puddle of drool collecting on my pillow. I craved the confusion after a good, solid nap, when you have no idea how long you slept or what time it was.

What’s more decadent? Like, on the list of sumptuous  things that probably aren’t good for you:

  • Triple chocolate cake with chocolate icing
  • Laying on the beach in the sun for 4 hours
  • A three hour nap in the middle of the day

After a long haitus and many afternoons of folding laundry and washing dishes instead of “sleping when the baby sleeps” (easier said than done), I gave up the goose and napped. For an hour. TWO TIMES.

It was amazing. It was refreshing. It was sinfully wonderful.

Naps and I are back on good terms.

Are you a napper? Do you love afternoon naps? How did you spend your weekend?



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