Life with my almost toddler in three parts

My life with an almost toddler in three part tidbits.

Part One

Me: Say Mama. MAMAMAMAMAMAM. Ma. Ma. Mama. Can you say that?


Part Two

Me: Your mouth is already full. Don’t put more spaghetti in your mouth. Swallow what you have.

Baby Blogworthy: *scoops another handful of spaghetti into his mouth*

Me: Don’t drop your sippy cup. Don’t…don’t…

Baby Blogworthy: *drops sippy cup*

Part Three

Me: Come on, baby boy, go to sleep. I know you’re tired, honey. Thirty minutes isn’t enough time for you to take a nap.

Baby Blogworthy: Gagabaga ababaha dadahaga. AGHAABABAGABADA.

Me: I understand but you still need a nap. Here, hold mama’s finger, lay back, enjoy this car ride.

Baby Blogworthy: AWAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *crocodile tears*

[ five minutes later ]

iPhone Photo Phun

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