Celebrity Round-up: Little black cloud

Last night I put out a call on Twitter for my celebrity gossip fans to send me their favorite stories of the week.

I got one response.

Well, to be fair, I got three responses from one person. She’s my favorite celebrity gossiper and scoops me all the time. Also, considering all y’all reguarly tell me that you get your celebrity gossip from this lil ol round-up, I shouldn’t be surprised (in fact, I’m honored.)

With no further adeiu, the gossip!

A couple weeks ago, I “reported” (tee hee) that former bachelorette Ali Fedotowski and fiance Roberto Martinez were postponing their wedding because she sustained a tragic kickboxing injury and didn’t want to limp down the aisle. However, this week’s Us Weekly is reporting they are actually “miserable in their relationship” and bring out the worst in one another.

What? You mean the eight weeks of wooing one another on tropical islands, noshing on catered lobster tail and wine wasn’t enough to forge a solid emotional bond that could get them through a lifetime of wedding bliss. I’m shocked.

Looks like Bethenny Frankel, formerly of Real Housewives of New York and some other Bravo show I didn’t watch, and her husband (whose name alludes me because I don’t care), are also headed toward a break-up, according to her meddling mother (and Star Magazine) (which is known for it’s truthiness and honesty.)

What if some supervillain is creating and selling television cameras that put out a radio frequency to make the individuals in its path fall in love, but only stay in love while the camera is on them? That would explain a lot. And be the worst supervillain  plan EVER.

Anybody following the Michael Jackson trial? The involuntary manslaughter trail of Dr. Conrad Murray, the cardiologist who administered the Propofol that caused Jackson to pass, is in it’s second week. Although Murray claimed he administered only 25 mg of Propofol, much higher and extremely toxic levels were found in the singer’s system.

The defense testified that Jackson ingested a bottle of the drug while Murray was out of the room, but his fingerprints weren’t found on any of the bottles.

Oh, hey, anybody else want some bad news? The Ashton Kutcher cheating plot thickens after he reportedly cheated on wife Demi Moore with two…count em….TWO…girls in a hot tub ….on his anniversary.

Really? Really.

With all the Charlie Sheen cray-cray, then this: is Two and a Half Men cursed? I mean, besides cursing us with terrible and inappropriate jokes for going on, what, five years? (How has that show not been canceled yet?)

Ryan Reynolds

(Gratuitious Ryan Reynolds picture.)

GAH I’m just a little black cloud over your morning, huh? How about some fun news to finish it up:


Enjoy your weekend, and don’t do anything Ashton wouldn’t do!

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