Unspoiled Speculation: HIMYM season 7

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of the only good thing about Monday, How I Met Your Mother. It’s one of the few shows on TV that I’ll sit and watch without Tweeting at the same time (and that’s saying something).

If you’re not familiar with How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM from here on out), it’s a show about five New York City friends in their early 30s trying to figure out their lives. Who hasn’t been there?

Learn more about the show and the characters here on this Wikipedia page, my go-to research source. Because Wikipedia is never wrong *source needed*

OK, on to my theories!

Barney’s Bride

The story starts this week at the wedding that was teased on the season finale, which turns out to be Barney’s. The big mystery here is who he’s marrying. It’s one of two people: Robin or Nora.

I have two guesses — one guess as to who it will be, a second as to who it should be.

It will be Robin. I think they have teased this relationship enough that if it isn’t her when it’s all said and done, lots of people will be angry. It makes sense, too. I’m not comparing this to Friends by any means (although I probably could) but Ross and Rachel ended up together and Monica and Chandler ended up together. It’s just a tidy (albeit contrived) way of wrapping up a story.

I think they pummel us with the “Robin and Barney are perfect for each other” theme way too hard and way too often. Ouch, what’s that throbbing in my head? It’s the concussion from the anvil that is the Robin/Barney hook-up.

I’m not saying I don’t like them together, because I’m a sucker for tidily wrapped up storyline, I’m just saying that it seems they are trying too hard to throw viewers off the scent with Nora.

And it should be Nora, just because the Robin thing is way too convenient. I don’t have feelings for or against Nora.  I can’t believe that any woman would want to continue a relationship with a guy who had just described the thousands of ways he’s tricked women into bed with him. It’s difficult for me to believe, too, from a character perspective that Barney can suddenly change so dramatically. Sleeping in a diner until he gets a date is a Mosby circa season 2 thing, not a Barney thing.

The Mother

I’m torn on this one. I am getting tired of the red herrings. I got chills during the first few seasons when they focused on the “yellow umbrella” being the key to finding the mother. Then it turns out it just belonged to the roommate of the girl he met while he was teaching (another teaser!) and I honestly can’t remember how that’s connected to the latest teaser — meeting/seeing the mother at Barney’s wedding.

Victoria the Cupcake Girl at the end of this episode was a big shock for me. It would be very cool for her to be the mother, in my opinion, because she and Ted had a great chemistry and I loved their story. I also really dig “long lost love” stories. However, I thought we found out she WASN’T the mother a few seasons ago.

If he starts a serious relationship with her, I hope it turns out she is — mainly because it would be the fifth relationship that “could be” the mother. I know that’s the whole point of the show, but I’d like to see more about how he evolves as a person during his quest to find “the one” and not just see a string of relationships meant solely to tease us. As much as I want to find out who the mother is, I also don’t want the show to end just yet.

All that being said, I was pleasantly shocked and my HIMYM loving brain did a little happy dance. I’m really interested in seeing how this unfolds, and I realy wouldn’t hate if she was the mother.

And now a word from Hutch…

Hutch over at From the Sidelines has her own two cents to throw in about this season’s first two epis:

Before I get in to HIMYM season premiere theories, was anyone else annoyed at the unrealisticness of Barney and his tie? I mean what groom is really going to be able to have a say in his tie, let alone be making that decision on the day of his wedding.  I almost wondered if Barney was really the groom and if it was actually Ted’s wedding (wearing the bow tie and all).  But then I realized I was over-conspiracy-theorying. Especially when Lily told Ted the bride wanted to see him.
Which brings me to my first and main theory. No way is Robin the bride.  I’m basing this off of Lily’s dress, for two reasons.
  1. Highly unlikely it’s a bridesmaid dress. Lily looks too good and we all know bridesmaids can’t look anywhere close to as beautiful as the bride on her day.
  2.  If it is a bridesmaid dress, there’s not a chance Robin would choose any shade of pink for her wedding.
  3.  Unrelated to the dress, but I’ve got a list going so I’m sticking with it, the writer’s know how horribly wrong Barney and Robin were together the first time around. So much so, their relationship almost killed the show.  Granted it was also around the same time as Ted’s doucheoverhaul, but I blame the lack of consistency in both Barney and Robin’s characters more.
As for who the bride is I have two options rolling around in my head.
  1. Nora. I don’t think Lily would be a bridesmaid in this wedding, nor would I see Nora choosing pink.  I see her as more of a classic black and white type. With silver as an accent, cue the tie.
  2. Cupcake Girl, aka Victoria!  I don’t think she’s the mom (can’t figure out how she’d be connected to Rachel Bilson’s character from last season) and there has to be a reason for her coming back right?  Plus, if Lily, for some crazy reason, IS a bridesmaid, who better to choose pink as one of her color’s than a baker?  AND why would Nora want to see Ted before the wedding? I could totally see the cupcake girl asking for him since they do have a history. Clear the air one last time or whatever.
There’s also the option we haven’t met the bride yet, but I think the writer’s are smarter than that.  I do believe we haven’t met the mom though and will in the finale of this season.  I’ve heard rumors of the show only being on for two more years, this season’s finale would be the perfect time to introduce her if that’s the case.

What do you think? Am I way off-base? Would Barney really go for Ted’s leftovers a 2nd time? Are you a Barney/Robin fan? 

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23 comments to Unspoiled Speculation: HIMYM season 7

  • I LOVED HIMYM this week. I was not expecting the Victoria thing at all and usually I know this stuff cause I’m all about accidentally reading spoilers. I think Robin is the Bride. I don’t think Barney can get away with dating another one of Ted’s ex-girlfriends so I’m going with a No, on Victoria. I do think we learned that Victoria is not the Mother at some point. I think she’s just there to mix it up a bit and Ted needs to apologize for cheating on her with Robin. I don’t think we’ve met the mother yet.
    Also did anyone check out that scene of drunk Marshall in the casino? I watched it later in slo-mo and his t-shirt said, “Marshall and Steph 4-ever” or something like that. Who is Steph??????? THEORY ALERT-Steph is the mother, calling it now.
    jmje recently posted..Half-Full Friday-9/16/11

  • I said it in my post and I’ll say it again…I don’t care who the mother is. Or who Barney marries. I think the best episodes of this show have been the ones that DON’T have anything to do with the central storyline. (Like Barney’s NCAA brackets trying to figure out what girl is cock-blocking him, or the one where they found out Robin used to be a Canadian pop star)
    Yes, I think that most people need these questions to be addressed, but for me they should have already and gone on with the show.
    And Barney shouldn’t end up with anyone…his character is far funnier as a womanizer. It balances out Ted’s whininess.
    Angie@MamaInsomnia recently posted..Fall Shows- Whose your mommy??

  • Ohhhh Jane-Marie I need to rewatch that scene again! I would just be very, very disappointed if it’s Robin. I know characters change, but they really did not work the first time. At all. And the pink dress of course just throws me off it is. Sneaky writers!
    Hutch recently posted..From the Field – Warrior Dash

  • I think my brain just exploded!!!

    Robin has to be the bride. It’s like they are destined to be together. I don’t like Nora as the bride. Don’t ask me why it is just something in me. I am also very irrational at times so, you know. I also believe that we have not met the mother yet. I think that they are trying to throw us for a loop with the cupcake girl scenario. She is adorable though, but it was said that they meet at Barney’s wedding. My husband kept saying that the cupcake girl is the one and we argued about it so we’ll see how this pans out.

    Did any of my ramblings make sense?
    JMJE-you are awesome! I can’t believe that you slow-motioned that part. I wish I still had it recorded so I could watch it again. Beercules rules and so does the game Edward 40-hands. Damn! I love this show.
    Jayme (RandomBlogette) recently posted..Friends You Love Celebration

  • Yeah, Hutch I’m obsessed with random scenes that flash to the future on HIMYM. I love to go back and try to find clues b/c of my true passion for TV.
    jmje recently posted..Half-Full Friday-9/16/11

  • KLZ

    You know, you’re dead on. Barney is the new Mosby and Ted is somehow drifting around to Barney. He needs the mother to come along soon so that he doesn’t become a full on Barney.

    But Hutch’s thoughts on bridesmaids dresses are very…compelling.
    KLZ recently posted..Welcome to Fall

  • AuntBT

    I never even thought about Lily’s dress – bridesmaid or not. I’m still calling that it’s Nora, but she calls off the wedding.

    I really like the idea of Victoria coming in and just messing with Ted, and him apologizing. Maybe she introduces him to the Mother?

    I am loving everyone’s theories!!!
    AuntBT recently posted..I think I’m a genius. Or maybe I’m full of it.

  • I don’t think that Victoria is th mother-when Ted started teaching he was in the wrong classroom at first and the mother was in there. If it was Victoria-he would have seen her then.

  • I started reading this post and then realized I’m actually a season behind on HIMYM and so then I ran away screaming, trying to pry your words out of my ears.

    It wasn’t pretty.
    Megan (Best of Fates) recently posted..When Poo Attacks

  • I haven’t seen much of last season – due to working nights and getting rid of our DVR halfway through the season – but I’ve been watching this show since the beginning. I buy the seasons religiously, usually as soon as they come out. So that’s why I can’t believe all these new things you’re telling me. I need to get watching.
    Venassa recently posted..How to get replies to comments you leave on blogs, and respond to your own comments

  • I’m thinking I am missing something good by not watching this show… Maybe I should start and catch up.
    Kimberly recently posted..Am I Good Enough?

  • I loathe the Barney Robin storyline. Anvil is right! It’s just soooo contrived and forced. Let it go, already. I actually really like the Victoria angle. Honestly, Ted has gotten a wee bit douchey in the last few seasons, I’d like him to have a better storyline with someone he actually seems to have chemistry with.
    StephanieinSuburbia recently posted..My Second Childhood

  • Daydream Believer

    I’m so behind the time. I love watching HIMYM, but I only watch the reruns. I will leave this post to the experts!!
    Daydream Believer recently posted..Another Letter to My Husband.

  • I’m a little late but I posted my theory now with some hi tech photographic evidence.
    jmje recently posted..TV Talk-New Shows and HIMYM Theories

  • Oooh, I hadn’t thought about Victoria as the bride!

    I love her.
    Shell recently posted..Things They Can’t Say: The Mommy Therapy

  • mojonajajax

    I still want to believe that it is not Barney’s wedding at all. He is self absorbed and for wearing a ducky tie for a year he probably can’t decide what to wear for whatever ladie he is trying to impress. I do think it is Ted’s wedding because of the whole bow tie thing and it would be a good twist. Also if Robin was the bride I am sure she is not traditional what so ever and would ask for Ted. Then theres Lily’s dress… if she was the maid of honor she would take over and be crazy picking pink things defiently because Robin isn’t girly and is no good at things like that.
    mojonajajax recently posted..Photo

  • KG

    I believe that it IS Barney’s wedding. I believe one of the show’s main theme’s is that they all have to eventually grow up. Barney stops fooling around, and realizes that he wants the life Ted has always wanted. Marshall decides exactly what he wants to do with his life, Lilly becomes a mom. Robin learns to love, and trust people without fear of abandonment or something along those lines. In the end, Ted realizes that he didn’t have to run around looking for love, or forcing it to happen. He just had to wait to find “the one.” Personally, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want Robin and Barney to get married. But I’ll be OK if they don’t..I believe we haven’t met the mother yet, because I think that would ruin some of the show’s magic and appeal. :)

  • I love the show and the way they trick us with false hope of figuring it out. I have told my family as it is set in the future that it is about clones. Ha ha Or a biological birth mother and he is a single dad. Hence the reason he needs to tell such an elaborate story. For the kids to understand his choices. I was sure it was the slutty pumpkin until the episode that said otherwise. I constantly rewind and look at people in background shots just to see if there may be reoccurring faces. Yes I have it bad. So thank you for this site. I see I am not alone.

    • Amanda

      Thanks for stopping by! I am planning on writing another post soon about all the clues I’ remember and what it might mean. I’m ready to see the mother, or ready for the “end game” where he meet hers, at the very least.

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