#PinterestChallenge: Cheese sauce and hair

The fact that the title of this post is vom worthy is not lost on me, but stick with me. It could have been way worse.

(I thought about calling it Cheese sauce and curly hair.)

I’m participating in Julie @ Dutch Being Me Pinterest Challenge, where we try things on Pinterest and blog about them. Last week I talked about my stuffed peppers success, and now I’ll talk about my cheese sauce failure.

Hubby and I love Steak N Shake and the cheese sauce for their fries. We’ve tried many times to replicate it with less than stellar results. most of the time, we use Velveeta and milk, and it works for awhile, but hardens very quickly.

When I saw this pin for a cheesy sauce using real cheese, I had to try it.

The recipe calls for sharp cheddar, corn starch (to thicken) and evaporated milk. That’s it.

It calls for 8 oz of cheese, but I only did about half of that.

The cheese and evaporated milk got melty and bubbly, and it looked thin, but not as thin as the picture on my pin (or as thin as the cheese at Steak N Shake). I poured a little more evaporated milk in but as I was afraid it would get too runny, I stopped.

I probably shouldn’t have stopped.

The sauce was good, but way too sharp and a little too thick. I felt like I could taste the corn starch or at least feel the consistency. Next time I’ll probably use mild cheddar, less corn starch and more evaporated milk.

Now for the hair portion of our blog.

My hair is not curly and not straight. Basically it sucks. And since I’m in Florida, it’s either droopy or frizzy or both.  In order to make it presentable, I have to put individual curls in it using my 1.5 inch curling iron. That used to be no big deal until I had a tiny person to get ready in the mornings. I’m always looking for ways to cut my “hair fixin’” time and still make it look nice.

Enter my Good Hair Day pinboard.

I found this pin for sock bun curls and had to try it, despite the fact that the girl in the YouTube video has the longest hair ever and mine is shoulder length.

Here is my hair in the bun:

As you can see, it’s not long enough to cover the sock completely. I’m already wearing my sleep nursing bra, the most unattractive garment known to man, so why not let the sock in my hair show through?

I also had to put a second hair band around the bottom of the sock to keep my hair tucked in.

Even with these little fixes, I’m happy with how it turned out:

sock bun curls result

I still put a handful of little curls on the sides, but this is basically how my hair looks after the sock bun and a little hairspray. This also means I can put my hair up semi-damp and it saves me a little dry time. Bonus!
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