Celebrity Round-up: Super fabulous Labor Day

Well, well, well. My friend, Friday, we meet again.

Welcome. And thank you for making another appearance in our lives before someone (read: me) punches someone (read: anyone getting in the way of my three day weekend) in the face.

Remember UDO? Yeah, today is the day I’m going to try and get a dance party started. I don’t know if it will fly, but considering at the time of posting, my office will be preparing for approximately 86 hours not at work, so chances are pretty good.

percentage of people who are likely to have a UDO dance party

And who wouldn’t want to raise their hands in the air (like they just don’t care) with this lovely vision:

On to the super fabulous Labor Day edition of Celebrity Round-Up!

Know what I don’t have time for anymore? Watching awards shows. And boy does that give me an extra strength sad face for many reasons, but mainly because I have to Google all the good performances and dramz the next day. I am especially upset when I miss big celebrity news as a result of my lameness and inability to turn the television onto any channel other than Bravo.

2011 MTV Video Music Awards - ShowNews, like, for instance, how Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting a little diva (divo? male equivalent?)

The couple dropped this happy little bombshell on the red carpet of the Video Music Awards this past Sunday and MTV promptly tweeted it with all the OMGs and !!! they could muster. She later announced it to the audience (and world) by tearing off her sequined blouse, rubbing her belly and saying, “I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside me.

Most dramatic pregnancy announcement EVER. And one that broke Twitter usage records: 8,868 tweets per second were sent following that little spectacle.

Also seen at the Video Music Awards: Jay-Z refusing to clap for Chris Brown and Lady GaGa attending as her alter ego, Jo Calderone, complete with a pompadour, cigarette and fake penis. If you don’t click on anything else in this recap, click on those two words.

In non-VMA news (“Thank God she shut up about the VMAs finally!”):

Now that you’ve read all this stuff, please head yourself right over to Mama Insomnia, where Angie has been kind enough to host me as I talk about a very important health issue. GO NOW your health depends on it!

Have a fun weekend!

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15 comments to Celebrity Round-up: Super fabulous Labor Day

  • Can I just start by saying how much I LOVE that you took a video of the disco ball!!?!?! I swear I’m never letting whats her name get it back!!

    I, too, find myself watching fewer awards shows. I missed all the Beyonce tweet record breaking nonsense. It will be interesting to see what their baby looks like. She’s beautiful but him… well…

    And remember Sinead O’Connor? Super ODD news about her this week. :/

  • Your office rocks! If you do get a disco party started please take some more video. That will be priceless! I work with all men so I can’t imagine getting a dance party started here. Although if there was alcohol involved that may change things.
    I DVRed the VMAs like I usually do and ended up fast forwarding through most of it. No matter what anyone says, I love Lady Gaga and all of her ridiculousness. How do you top coming out of an alien egg? Dress up like a man and keep character the whole night. Britney did seem a little skeeved out about the whole thing when Lady G gave her the Video Vanguard award.
    And in regards to Brit Brit, she looked fabulous. I can’t knock her this time. She even looked like she was having a genuine good time when they had all of the dancers that were reincarnations of all of her looks.
    Jayme (RandomBlogette) recently posted..Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!

  • OK. I am happy for Beyonce and Jay-Z. Really, I am. But for the love of God, they are MERE MORTALS! People are acting like this child is the second coming of Christ! I just don’t get it.

    Also? I’m pretty sure I never once uttered, “I want you to feel the love growing inside of me,” while pregnant. I mean, it’s sweet… but it also sort of reeks of self-importance. Kind of like Beyonce herself.

    And I’m not sure two Chmerkovskiy brothers make up for one Nancy Grace on DWTS. Still haven’t decided whether I’ll be able to tolerate this season based on her alone.
    Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..Ill Humor

  • I hope you get your disco party.

    I saw all the tweets about Beyonce and JayZ. A little crazy it was that big of news on Twitter.

    I did not hear about Lady Gaga and her fake penis. Craziness.
    Jessica recently posted..Celebrate the Grass

  • Oh! How could I fail to mention Lady Gaga and her alter ego! That is/was completely RIDICULOUS! I’m over it! And her! And apparently she used the men’s bathroom.

  • You must work at the most fun place ever!

    Truthfully, I was so tired of the Beyonce tweets. She’s pregnant. People do that all the time. It was crazy!
    Kimberly recently posted..Judging Moms

  • The way Beyonce kept rubbing her belly at the VMA’s was so annoying to me. And then they cut to Jay-Z and Kanye West was behind him all “Yea Dogg, you knocked that shit up” (I’m paraphrasing of course) The whole thing was just so UGH to me.
    In case you couldn’t tell…I feel as much love for J’Zonce (or Bey-Z perhaps?) as I do the ‘Dashians.
    I live for awards shows, even the stupid ones on MTV.
    And PS, I love that you fit the women punching the Black bear in the face into today’s roundup.
    Angie@MamaInsomnia recently posted..An Important message, because I care

  • I actually caught Beyonce’s performance and it was sooo cute!

  • Oh no about “feel the love growing inside of me”. I might have throat punched MYSELF if I would have uttered those words.

    But I love awards shows.
    angela recently posted..A Coffee Mug

  • I think this is my most fave recap yet. Love the sorority line. Had no clue Beyonce was prego (and what’s up with those up-to-her-boobs pants?!). And Madonna? I get that you’re in great shape, but I still think “yuck” to any 24 year old who thinks she’s hot.

    I would so punch a black bear for my Jack. :)

  • That disco ball is classic, and just seeing the video makes me want to throw another 80′s party!!
    Hopes@Staying Afloat! recently posted..The Power of Music

  • So…did the party happen? I am still so sad I don’t work with cool people like you. Well, right now I work with my pup and occasionally Wee ‘Burb. They’re cool, but they’re no dance party.
    StephanieinSuburbia recently posted..As Coping Mechanisms Go, it Could be Worse

    • Amanda

      The party did not happen…however…there was a “disco bowling” party that was had that included the UDO and a pretend bowling pin/plastic lane that somebody got for an event. Score. (literally).

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