Summer Blog Social: So, what do you want?

Another one for the #SummerBlogSocial with Jessica from Four Plus An Angel and Liz from Belle, Bean & Chicago Dog!

Tell us about an element or two of your blog or social media presence that you are unsure of and would like opinions on.

This one is two-fold.

In my first Summer Blog Social, I talked about how important it is to write what you want to write, being authentic, and not writing just for page views.

I still think that’s true.

However, I mentioned how much I like the community aspect of blogging, and this is a two-way thing. I want to write not only what I like and what I’m comfortable writing about, but also posts that others want to read. If a blog posts on the Internet and nobody reads it, was it worth the effort?

It’s Blogworthy answers the question, “Why should I write about this?” My challenge for every post is to make every topic, even the dull, boring ones, worthy of a blog. See what I did there?

My topics here are:

- My baby. But only by default because most interesting things in my life happen to, with or because of him.

- Work. Cause my work peeps kick Buttowski.

- Celebrity news and reality TV. I’m keeping one day every week (Fridays. The Round-up. Didn’t you know?) for celebrity stuff. Iwish I had more time to watch reality TV like I used to because it’s a gold mine of cray cray.

- My many travels, which aren’t so many these days. I’ve written about our weekend trips and day trips to Savannah, Tampa, Orlando, St. Augustine and beyond.

- General Life Stuff. This is the catch-all category. In fact, there is an actual category on my Nav bar called “My Blogworthy Life” that holds everything that doesn’t fit into the above.

I’m not a Mommy blog, I’m not a celebrity blog; I’m not saving money or fitness or travel. But I’m a little of all these things.

So, how do I hone in on my niche? Do I have a niche? Do I WANT a niche?

What do people want to read? What brings you back? What makes you click that subscribe button?


I have a Facebook page for the blog, and you can find it here.

I have no idea what to do with said Facebook page.

I forget about it.

It’s like the nice clothes I have way back in my closet that I never wear.

So, I post crap to it; new posts and the like. Sometimes I’ll say, “Hey e’rybody, it’s Saturday, get excited!” or the like and get no response. Sometimes I post celebrity news throughout the week and also don’t get response.

Basically, the main problem is that I get no response.

My questions are:

How do you guys use your Facebook pages? How do you use others’ Facebook pages?


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22 comments to Summer Blog Social: So, what do you want?

  • I need answers to these same questions! I’ll have to make sure I pop back and read the responses you get. :-)
    Nicole @MTDLBlog recently posted..Blog Conference Goals {BlogHer 2011}

  • I don’t have a facebook fan page so I’m no help there…but I love all the things you blog about! It’s a perfect combo :)
    Natalie recently posted..A Day of Reflection

  • I am in the same boat with my FB page! Its there & occasionally I get a response if I post something or an occasional like but I feel like its dead in the water. I’m working on getting a custom landing page created & plan on spending some time devoted to amping it up a bit. I will be stalking you blog for ideas & responses to this post!
    Jamee @ A New Kind of Normal recently posted..Summer Blog Social: 10 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

  • And this post is exactly why we get along so well. I feel the SAME way and just posted on pretty much the same things. Stephanie from Supermomboots brought up a point in a comment on my post that made me rethink my desire to find a niche!! I think that’s what makes this social so great!
    Angie@MamaInsomnia recently posted..Finding my Niche

  • Jess

    I started following/subscribing to your blog because, girl, you are funny. we share the same humor about many, many, many things so I knew I wanted to keep reading.

    Now, on your facebook page – do you post each time you have a new entry? Do you post news articles or photos? Sometimes posting (every now and then) articles that hit home to you (maybe if you’ve had a post about it, or it’s your hometown, or whatever) get more people involved, and then they respond, or like your page – same with, baby, funny things you see on a day to day basis (Wait, am I the only one who takes photos with my iphone in a super sneaky way of hilarious things I see?), or photos about your hometown, etc. It’s about making your page appeal to everyone and be a ‘living’ thing, so people can interact, sort of. Also, post randomly, not just one big post or one big update. If it shows up more, people read and respond more, I think.

    okkkkkay, i’m done rambling.

  • I love that you cover allll those topics, please don’t change! We like you the way you are :)

    I don’t have a FB page for that very reason.
    Hutch recently posted..Hamburger Alert:: That Actress Who Looks Like Everyone Else

  • KLZ

    I find that tagging other blogs in my FB page statuses gets me some updates. As does interacting with people as my FB page….that said, I still have a harder time with that medium than with Twitter. Personally, I think it’s ok to focus more on one than the other.
    KLZ recently posted..Jaclyn 1423 Giveaway Winner

  • I have *NO* idea how people do it with all of the different facets. I usually forget to post anything to my facebook page, which makes it not so effective for those that “Like” it.
    Julie recently posted..What I like {and dislike} in a blog…

  • I don’t use my Facebook in connection with blogging at all. It’s a family/friends only type of deal that I rarely post to anyway. Besides the occasional picture of my kid.

    I’m not sure it’s imperative to have a specific niche. I like the stuff you write about. I enjoy the Friday round-up on celebrity gossip, because I can get addicted to that stuff & just anticipating one day to focus on the ridiculous gossip is kind of nice (yes, I rely on you for my celebrity gossip now). But I don’t feel you need to change at all. You’re a life blogger, and I like people I can relate to. :)
    Roxanne recently posted..David’s Accident

  • I don’t have a facebook fanpage.

    I can barely remember to feed my kids and dogs.
    (for some reason, I never forget to eat, though.)

    Anyway, I’m spread too thin with what I’ve got and already feel like I don’t do enough with the blog/social media venues I’m currently attempting.

    Google+ has the potential to put me over the edge of a tall building so I stopped worrying about it.

    And I love the way your encompass more than one niche here.
    Don’t go changin’, lady.
    julie gardner recently posted..Today call me inked.

  • I love the fact that you write about all the things that you do. You do them well, and that’s the important thing.

    As for the Facebook fan page – I’m in the same conundrum. The most responses I ever got? Was a picture of cupcakes. So, go figure :)
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..Summer Blog Social! Where I’ll Be in 6 Months

  • I posted pretty much the same question and have had some good feedback. 1) post other people’s blog posts that you like and try and tag them in the post, 2) post celebrity, parenting, money saving articles that you like, 3) ask questions – try to generate discussion on FB.

    I just started doing this today but when I add my own blog post on my FB page I’m trying to ask a question along with the post that is related to the post trying to generate some more discussion.

    Hope those gave you some ideas.
    Jessica recently posted..VlogTalk: Creeper Man

  • First, I like reading a blog because I like getting to “know” a person. Usually, if I connect with someone on Twitter, I’ll read her blog b/c I figure if I like her there, then I’ll like her blog. What keeps me coming back is being real and authentic–I like hearing about you, your family, your life. I can’t spend time with you face to face, but I can read your blog and come away with the same experience.

    As for FB, I keep that separate from blogging. I just can’t spend time on 10 different things right now!
    Rach (DonutsMama) recently posted..Summer Blog Social: Help Wanted

  • Facebook has gotten soooo whiny and mundane. Thank you for introducing me to Twitter. I feel like (most) people are more interesting on Twitter.

    I’m with you on the niche. I wrestle with DEFINING myself. But then? A lot of the blogs I like aren’t focused on one area. Like, I like some mommyblogs but only hearing about kids is…well, it can get boring. I get overwhelmed by super niche blogs. I can’t keep up with cooking-only or photo-only blogs.

    I seriously think you’re the greatest because you’re…YOU. You’re unique and funny and I can tell you write because you WANT to or because something happened, not to meet some kind of deadline.
    StephanieinSuburbia recently posted..The Daycare Dilemma

    • Amanda

      Yeah, I think that’s what makes me come back to the blogs I love….each one is unique in their voice. I dont’ read it for a topic…I read it because I like the person writing it! I never wanted to be a “mommy blog”, and that’s why I try to keep the baby off my blog as much as I can…which is hard because the best stuff includes him ;)

  • I just posted this same question the other day in my post! I have gotten some feedback there which I’m trying to use. I’m linking other posts that I read on my fan page as well as any article I may come across that I think is interesting. Today I asked a question on there and I actually did get a handful of responses, so I’m going to try that every once in a while.

    It seems to be that Facebook is the common question around here!
    Kimberly recently posted..Where Am I Going?

  • Oh, the great Facebook question. Seems to be a running theme! :)

    I don’t have a clue either, girl. Sometimes it’s still difficult for me to remember to post there. I am going to try posting other articles, etc there throughout the week along with my own posts and questions for discussion. We’ll see how it goes…
    Mrs. Jen B recently posted..Homemade Pizza

    • Amanda

      I’m trying that, too! And just silly things that come to mind. I might try to post one random thing on Facebook instead of to Twitter, just to mix it up a little bit. I think everyone has the same struggle with Facebook, especially since we are all Twitter addicts!

  • I do have a niche (mommyblogging), but only because it’s what I’m mostly comfortable blogging about. I don’t think not having a niche is a bad thing, though. I’ve had a few instances where I’ve written something, but didn’t post it on my blog because I didn’t think it fit. If you don’t have a defined niche, there’s more freedom.

    As for a FB page, I have the same problem. The only reason I started a fan page was because I felt I had to have one, now I have no idea what to do with it.
    C @ Kid Things recently posted..Some Mornings

  • Amanda

    Testing the new comment system.

  • Oh the facebook page, I don’t really know what to do with mine either. I try to make it interactive but rarely do people interact but, with that said, I do get traffic from it so it’s doing something, right? I wish I had great advice other than just to say you are not alone.
    Jessica recently posted..I’ve Been Recruited

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