My makeup routine

I’ve been obsessed with makeup since middle school. I remember my first powder compact. It was Cover Girl, and I was just enthralled that I had real, grown-up makeup. I still remember the distinct medicinal smell of Cover Girl powder. Why does it smell so strong? I still can’t figure it out (and the smell hasn’t changed).

I’ve had a few people ask about my makeup after I post my vlog talk vlogs. I’m no expert on makeup, but I have found some great products that work really well for me, and I want to share them with you guys in case you’re in the market for some new products.

I buy almost all my makeup from e.l.f. (eyes,lips, face) cosmetics. It’s an online makeup store with unbelievably low prices on products. The first time I bought from there I was thinking, no way this is for real. Seriously, this has to be some kind of joke, or the makeup is cheap and smells bad and has poison in it. Then I opened up the packages and my life pretty much changed.

Here are my must have products from e.l.f.:

Essentials Brightening Eye color

I love this stuff. They offer 18 different coordinating quads — 72 different colors for $18 if you want to buy them all. I have several sets, but my favorite is Ethereal. It has a little shimmer, the brown is perfect for every day and the pink and coral colors add pop without making you look like a clown. For $1 (or 25cents a color) the quality is fantastic.


Natural Mineral Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow is part of their mineral line and I use it every day. Each jar is $3. Most of the colors have a lot of shimmer. Of course, there is a difference between shimmer and glitter. I’m a big fan of shimmering makeup because I think it brightens up your face — especially light, shimmery eye makeup when you have had 4 hours sleep. I like the colors Ethereal, Celebrity, Angelic and Caffeinated.The first three are light colors that I use as a base and brow bone highlight, but the last is a darker, bolder brown I use for special occasions.

I also use Black as my eyeliner. It stays on all day, has the look of liquid liner but not as heavy — and also much easier to apply.

Eyelid Primer

This is what helps my eye makeup stay on all day. Seriously, all day. I put it on at 7 am and many times it looks just as fresh at 7 pm. This product doesn’t last as long as some of the others, so I will throw three in my virtual shopping cart when I place an order.








Shimmering Facial Whip

This is my go-to blush. It’s messy. A little goes a LONG way. It has a shimmer. But if you’re into all these things, this is a fantastic blush (and if you’re so inclined, you can use it as eyeshadow, too). I put a tiny bit on my cheek bone and blend it down with my fingers (and that’s where the messy comes in). I buy a tube of this and it lasts at least three to four months. I use Persimmon.






Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder

Once upon a time, a Clinique makeup girl told me the makeup with a slight shimmer in it would help cover up any blemishes and imperfections by reflecting the light. I bought what she was selling and I’ve never forgotten her tip. So, when I found the e.l.f. bronzing powder in Luminence, I had to try it — and I fell in love. This is, by far, my favorite e.l.f. product. I use it even if I’m not “putting my face on”. It’s not a bronzer, but a translucent, nude shimmer. This also doesn’t last long, so I buy several at a time.






Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara

I use this to tame my wild eyebrows. I guess you could use it as mascara, but who wants to do that? Oh, maybe people who have naturally amazing eyelashes and don’t need mascara (bitches).








I could honestly go on and on about this brand. There are some Target stores that carry select products, but for the full line you have to check out their website. If your budget is tight and don’t want to plunk down big bucks for a product that you might not like, e.l.f. is for you.

Do you love makeup? Have you tried e.l.f.?

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