Celebrity Round-up: Strike Two

Usually I am all, “rah, rah, it’s Friday!” at the beginning of these posts, but today you’ll be reading something different.

Because yesterday? Was my Friday.

Yes, folks, I’m using my hard earned paid-time-off days to take a 5 day staycation. It’s corporate math: two pto days + two weekend days + one paid holiday = one happy and refreshed employee.

I guess that makes today my Saturday.

This has been a pretty slow week for celebrity gossip, so I’m just going to throw a few things against this virtual blog wall and see what sticks.

My undying love for the Bachelor/ette franchinese is well known among these parts, and although I havent’ been able to sit down and watch a full episode since Ali last summer, I do keep up with those crazy kids. Will they be lucky in love? Is this the couple who will whore themselves out for a flashy wedding on ABC? Every season my hope is renewed.

Unfortunately, another one bit the dust this week as Emily Maynard and Brad Womack announced their split. Womack released a statement that said the relationship’s demise was “all my fault”. You mean a long distance relationship between a 25 year old young Mom and a 38 yar old man with commitment and anger management issues didn’t work out? Color me shocked.

Strike two, Brad Womack. Maybe next time eHarmony would be a better choice for finding love than the Bachelor.

(every time I type “Womack” I think I’m typing wombat.)

Have you had enough Royals news yet? Well now Princess Catherine and Prince William are headed to our turf to make Americans feel poorer, frumpier and fatter than we normally do. But first they are enjoying a little time with our neighbors to the North before headed to Hollywood to brush elbows with the crazies there.

According to Us Weekly:

Landing in L.A., they’ll be greeted by up and coming entrepreneurs at a reception in Beverly HIlls. That night, they’ll gab with politicians and other high-profile figures at the Consular General’s resident in Los Angeles.

July 9: More horsin’ around! The pair travel to Santa Barbara for a polo match, where the Prince will play and Kate will give out prizes.

A polo match? Entrepreneurs? Snoozefest 2011. They are going to think we’re a bunch of fuddy-duddies (is that even how a person spells that? I’ve literally never typed fuddy-duddies before. Huh.) Where’s the clubbing, the crazy parties in the Hollywood Hills, the evenings at the Chateau Marmont? Lindsey Lohan is finished with house arrest now, maybe they should hook up with her. She can show them a good time, I’m sure.


Finally, in more money than sense news, Lenny Kravitz was seen walking around NYC with this little gem:

Lenny Kravitz

That’s a headset…..attached to an iPhone. He’s making this talking on the phone thing far more difficult than it needs to be. I can’t imagine how that can be convenient, nor can I imagine why someone would invent something like this. But it just goes to show you that no idea is too weird. When all else fails, a celebrity will buy it.

Have a safe and happy 4th!

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