Our Ghostly Father’s Day

In my Friday Celebrity Round-up, I talked about how my sanity was like an endangered species on the brink of extinction. My husband made an executive decision that we would take an impromptu trip to Savannah, one of our favorite places in the world, because that’s what the travel savings account is for, right?

It also just happened to be Father’s Day weekend. I’m not sure if that was a deciding factor or not.

We ended up staying in a hotel in the historic district, the Marshall House, which is allegedly haunted. Do you guys believe in that stuff? We eat up Ghost Adventurers like it’s icing from a can on a spoon (delicious), so it was our kind of place.

I’m not saying I believe in ghosts or spirits or whatnot, but I am sort of fascinated with the shows that find evidence. Hubby brought along our camera and his little digital recording device hoping to catch some spooks. He did a session before we went on a “Haunted Trolley Tour” in which he posed lots of questions to a little girl ghost who supposedly haunts the hotel. At one point he asked, “Do you want us to leave you alone?”

We were listening back after he stopped the recorder, and in the silence after that question we heard a definitive: “yes.” It sounded like a little girl being contrary, like she just wanted us to leave her alone to play.

“Oh, sweet, impressionable Amanda. That wasn’t a little ghost girl, it was your son making some ridiculous baby noise.”

EXCEPT IT WASN’T. Because I was in charge of making sure Baby B was quiet and he was.


(That’s a ghost sound.)

Anyway, we went on the Haunted Trolley Tour, which was a 90 minute ride through Savannah with the guide narrating about the ghost stories. Several 20 somethings climbed aboard with a whole case of beer and the classic red party cups. You know the deal…….

The last tour stop was at an abandoned hospital with a series of tunnels snaking underneath where illegal autopies were proformed.


(That’s a dramatic sound.)

Daddy wearing Baby B during the ghost tour!

We got to tour one of the tunnels. It would have been cool if not for all the drunk people who stomped on a grate above the tunnel, which lead to an unfortunate series of events that started with me screaming and trying to run out and ended with our baby crying like someone was trying to perform an illegal autopsy on him. We wondered why anybody would want to scare a baby while the other people on the tour wondered why anyone would bring a baby on a ghost tour.

Then the beer 30 girls held us up while they found a restroom after carefully considering the option of peeing in the grass in front of the tour group. So, that happened.

As always, we had a fantastic time in Savannah. If you haven’t’ gone, you should.

On the way home, we stopped for Father’s Day Dinner. It included chocolate cake (of course it did).

All in all, it was a great little weekend trip, a wonderful Father’s Day, and my sanity is securely in place (as of 11 am on Monday).

Have you visited Savannah? Have you seen a ghost? Do you drink on trolleys?

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