Every girl’s crazy about a sharped dressed baby

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The second I found out I was pregnant with a little boy, I wanted to dress him up in a tie. There is just something about a tiny baby wearing decidedly grown-up looking clothes that makes me grin. Even while he was still in my belly, I pretended he had on a tiny little business suit during meetings at work.

Six months has gone by and he still hasn’t worn a proper tie, but we’ve come close. I’m all about baby style, whether it’s hipster with a tie, jeans and grandpa sweater:

My child dressed up in a tie and grandpa sweater.

Mommy's Little Hipster

or Frat boy chic:

Baby in a button up shirt and kakhi shorts.

or playing-outside-on-a-blanket casual.

Baby Blogworthy in his Captain Adorable shirt.

Honestly, my son’s closet is way better than mine, and we’ve spent next to nothing filling it up. Here are some ways we’ve clothed our sharped dress baby for a song:

  • Shop sales. We have a bunch of clothes from places like Kohls, Children’s Place and Old Navy we bought on clearance. I love looking at the seasonal clothing in a bigger size so I can put it away for next year. Sure, he can’t fit into it now, but come Thanksgiving, he’ll be rocking his “Grandma makes the best turkey!” shirt in style.
  • Shop consignment stores. Before Baby Blogworthy was born, Hubby and I went on a shopping spree at a consignment store that was having a sale and everything marked down was $1. Some of the clothes were previously worn, but in great condition. Some of them still had tags. Considering he wears some of this outfits approximately one time, consignment clothes are where it’s at.
  • Grandma to the rescue! Ok, maybe I’m just lucky, but my Mom and mother-in-law like to spoil the pants onto that kid. Like, brand new pants they send in batches. There is a Carter’s outlet in the direct path of Hurricane Grammie that sweeps up all the cutest outfits and brings them to my house.

So those are some tips from me that y’all probably already know because you were all Moms way before I became one.

What’s your favorite baby style?

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