Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law is in full effect at my house, as all my fun weekend plans went up in smoke as I was leaning over my toilet from 2 to 6 am last night. What is it with this year and my family? Today I’m posting a note that my Dad wrote about his little spill at the house I grew up in (which they are trying to sell). It’s been one thing after another, including my Mom’s breast cancer diagnosis this time last year.

Thirty-one years on this earth and I didn’t know Dad had this level of blog in those fingers. Leave him some love while I try my best to roll off the couch!


A Life comes at you fast moment. Judy and I went to Huntington 11 days ago to finish getting our homestead of 38 years ready to sell.  2 weeks and we would be finished.

Murphy’s Law was in full force from the beginning. Soon after arriving a thunderstorm rolled through the area eventually knocking the power the entire evening. The next day, the folks hired to remove carpet ran into unexpected problems that cost a day. The painter couldn’t finish the outside work because of the monsoon season. We started making progress on Friday until about 3:30. That’s when I decided to save a few steps and drop off of the side of our porch, something I’ve done many, many times.

This time, it earned me an ambulance trip across Huntington’s potholed street to Cabell Huntington’s ER. There I had my broken ankle set and splinted. Saturday morning we drove back to Northern Kentucky, me in the back seat with my foot between the front seats propped up on the console and Judy driving. Monday, the surgeon put on a temp. cast until surgery on Wednesday which required a plate and 7 screws. Murphy is still working. I got a call from the contractor who was going the do some bathroom work that he couldn’t get in because neither of the two neighbors with keys to the house was home. Murphy, you did a good job…now will you please go away?

Now we are living in my daughter and son-in-law’s 1st floor living room because I haven’t mastered the steps to our second floor condo using crutches. We’ve had to cancel our June trip to Utah to visit my father and delay our trip to Gainesville, Fl to see our grandson. Before leaving, in an attempt to cover all of our karma bases, we had a serious talk with the house explaining that a nice family will buy it and take much better care of it than we have the last few years.


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