Mother’s Day: I want a redo

Welcome to the 50,000th Mother’s Day re-cap post on the World Wide Web!

I knew my hubby, and by extension, my little guy, would do something fantastic. Hubby is the best present giver in the history of the world. He always knocks gifts out of the park with his uncanny ability to figure out just what I want without ever asking.

I had this feeling on Saturday that something would go awry, but thought it was just based on last Saturday, when a combination of going to bed way to late and my child sleeping almost 0 hours all night left me completely exhausted on Sunday. And even knowing that might be the case, I stayed up late again on Saturday night because in my mind I’m still 25? Who knows.


Baby was up pretty much all night with a cold. Hubby took the first shift, I took the second, and then around 6:45 I decided just to park in the recliner in Baby Blogworthy’s room. A couple hours later I woke up feeling pretty alright.

Hubby woke up and we decided I should open my presents right away since the baby was in a good mood.

First was a new charm for my charm bracelet.

It’s the last charm on the right — a pacifier — and Hubby called it the “mute button”. Before Baby Blogworthy was able to nurse really well, we used to just stick our finger in his mouth to quiet him down. Then the heavens opened and angels started singing when he discovered the mute button. Pretty cute and sweet.
The second gift was a really nice women’s devotional Bible, which I’ve been asking for for awhile. Then he saved the best for last:
Click the picture for bigness.

And of course it made me do this:

That’s the ugly cry face and Baby Blogworthy with his mute button saying, “eh.”

After that the day went downhill. Baby B has a cold, so he was fussy and miserable all day. Hubby started feeling nauseous and ended up with a fever. Me? I became more and more exhausted. With only four hours of sleep, good will runs out pretty quickly. Every time I’d lay down for a nap while he was napping, he’d wake up 45 minutes later almost as soon as I’d really fall asleep.

By the end of the day I was spent, especially since he refused to fall asleep even though he was CLEARLY tired. Why babies refuse naps, I’ll never know.

So that was my crappy Mother’s Day. The gifts were awesome, the rest of the day not so much.

Honestly though? Even bad days seem a little bit better when you have this going on:

How was your Mother’s Day? If you have furbabies, did they get you anything? If you’re dad, did you spoil your wife?

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16 comments to Mother’s Day: I want a redo

  • singedwingangel

    Awww on the poem, way to go Daddy. I have that same ugly cry face so don't feel lonely.. HAHAH mute button I love that.. soon you will look for a fast forward to get past the mouthy teen part. Let me tell ya now there isn't one.

  • The Random Blogette

    That is such a sweet poem! I got some lovely handmade gifts from the kids. They made me cry too. It will happen a lot now that you are a mom. I love your charm bracelet too. It is really neat. Mine was interesting as well. We were all pretty crabby and then we went to dinner at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant and it was hot and we were even bitchier. Good times!

    By the way, I love your new super dark color! When did you do that? Or maybe I missed something.

  • Hutch

    I'm sorry the day itself was crappy, but that poem is adorable! Even made me tear up a bit!

  • KLZ

    I couldn't even read that poem is how sweet it is (i.e. it made me cry)

    Baby colds are why I always laugh when people explain I need to pamper myself more. Yeah, you can't really schedule that because you don't know when you'll get attacked with a virus.

  • Foreign Mama

    We love the mute button, and the poem is so sweet! Your hub really knows how to make you feel special, it seems. My mother's day was crappy, too. Hub was studying for his finals all day, and I ended up cleaning the house, recovering from his brother's wedding and doing laundry all day. Maybe next year it will be better…

  • Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

    Awwww, the ugly cry just means it was something really special! Happy Mother's Day Amanda!

  • Liz

    I love that he got a pic of "the ugly cry face."

    I love the term "mute button." The mom I used to babysit for called them "plugs."

  • Sarah

    The poem is so sweet! What a wonderful husband! He's a keeper.

  • Elena

    That list gift is genius on your hubs part. Did he write that? I may need something like that for Father's Day! Sorry they were all sick. Not a fun day. Oh, and the "mute button" – hysterical!

  • Heather aka: The StepMomster

    I'm sorry your Mother's Day was crappy! That sucks!
    I had a pretty good day, got an itunes gift card but the best gift of all was that none of the kids had any attitude problems! hallelujah!

    ~Heather AKA The StepMOMSTER

  • JMJE

    Yeah that is a really cute poem. Your husband is sweet. Hobie didn't get me anything this year. Last year he got me a shirt but I guess this year he forgot. Sads.

  • Cheryl

    Way to go Mr. Blogworthy! He gets major points for the handprint.

  • Jessica

    At least they handed over the gifts before the sickness kicked in.

    And if you ever figure out why babies refuse to nap when they are exhausted will you please let me know. I've been trying to figure this out for years.

  • My Husband's Watching TV...

    I like the dark hair.

  • Stephanie in Suburbia

    Oh, poor you! Those no sleep phases are just BOGUS! Total baby foul to pull that crap on Mother's Day.

    But handprints? Get my teary every.DAMN.TIME.

    Seriously having an issue with my biological clock these days.

  • I wish my MD had been that special. I woke up that morning with the grandaddy of all head colds, and he was a crotchety mofo. I wasn’t even sneezing the night before, so it hit me like a ton of bricks. Tampered with my plan to sleep WAAAAY in for a change, waking me up for the day at 7:40 AM. Then, since I was sick, hubs decided that it would be best if we did nothing all day so I could “rest”. Though I was still “able” to find that time to clean up the house…funny. The kids made me some really adorable cards, which is always super awesome! But the rest of the day was for poo. I guess there has to be one MD that qualifies as the WORST, so now I’ve gotten it over with. LOL!

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