It’s Blogworthy 2.0

For someone whose livelihood revolves around tech stuff, I’ve always been embarrassingly afraid of new technology.

I refused a DVD player for a really long time. I kept saying, “DVDs, how stupid, as if they are telling me I’m going to have to replace ALL my VHS tapes? I hardly think so. Passing fad.”

I wish that was an exaggeration.

I’ve turned my nose up at countless other things: our wii, my smart phone, the iPad — the list goes on and on (as I chicken-peck this post on the iPad and tweet on my smart phone.)

I also turned my nose up at word press. Oh, did I ever. I kept seeing people switch, heard about it’s power at work, and yet I kept making excuses. I didn’t have the time, or the money. That Blogger was fine for what I needed, that I wasn’t about to spend cash on hosting when Blogger hosts for free. Blogger is great, but it was limited. Right around the 2000th time I was messing in my Blogger code to add a simple plugin, I started thinking, “what if there is something better?”

There is, and it’s word press and this little ol blog is on it right now.

I decided to switch over even before Blogger was down for what seemed like 14,000 years. With self-hosting, I am able to have full control over my look, functionality and content. If I can’t spend what comes out to be less than a cup of coffee PER MONTH on my hobby, I need to find a new hobby.

I hope you click over and take a look. I’m still making tweaks to it, so fingers crossed it is still working by the time you visit. I know just enough CSS and HTML to be dangerous. I also put this together this weekend after stupidly installing it the first time in the wrong directory and having to start from scratch (see? just enough to be dangerous.) Also fingers crossed you actually got this message in your reader.

Change is scary and good.

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