I was a Senior Hottie!

I had an awkward beginning to my teen years which my senior pictures don’t reflect.

There were braces.

There were glasses.

There was a mane of wild, untamed hair and a marked inability to use a round brush and hair dryer.

Me in 1993

1993 FAIL.

By my senior year (1998), I learned the wonder of a curling iron and that a little mascara went a long way:

Please note the bangs. This was the leftover wave of hair from some seriously big, teased bangs. I wish I would have remembered this picture — and how difficult it is to maintain bangs — when I went crazy for a hot minute and decided to cut bangs a couple months ago.

Oh, me.

Why were my bangs so very short in this picture?

Then we have the obligatory creepy shirtless off the shoulder shrug picture. I remember it was this dirty piece of velor material draped across my shoulders. I think I had to pull my bra straps down. E’rybody had to wear this. Whose idea was it, anyway, to make all senior girls take an off the shoulder shot? Some perv, that’s who.

Look at all that hair. Seriously, people, a metric ton of hair.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find my favorite picture from my portrait session, the one where I’m trying to be “serious” and end up looking “pissed off” instead.

So there ya go.  Senior hottie, right over here.


Thank you Liz for this fab linkup!



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