Happy Anniversary, my love

My husband is funny. Real funny.

Me and Hubby, 25 pounds and 4 years ago.

Me and Hubby, 25 pounds and 4 years ago.

He’ll do and so almost anything to make me laugh. Sometimes I try to get really mad at him and it’s just not possible because he cracks a joke or makes a funny face.


I’ve been collecting funny things he says for a couple weeks so I could post in honor of our fourth anniversary, which is today!

Hubby: If a bear attacked my house, I’d kill it and then hang it’s skin on the wall as a warning to other bears.

Hubby: (imitating the driver of a car with 88 Dale Jr painted on the back windshield) I wanna do it up real nice. I might even use regular paint so it’ll stay.

Me: That McDonalds worker just called you hon.
Hubby: That’s because she knows I’m frugal. Nothing hotter than a frugal man.

Hubby [at 11:30 pm while we're trying to go to sleep]: How do you think they get the fat out of fat free milk?
Me: I don’t know. Why did you think of that?
Hubby: I DON’T KNOW! This is the kind of thing that goes through my head at night.

Hubby: On Undercover Boss, why don’t they ever catch on? It’s the same fake scenario every time. Don’t they see the show? ‘Hi, I’m from a reality show where I’m competing for a position at this company’. ‘Reality show, you mean Undercover Boss?’

There are a lot more but unfortunately I didn’t do a very good job collecting. Maybe I’ll make this a semi-regular thing?

Happy Anniversary, Hubby! Thanks for making my life so fun and full of love!

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