Anniversary Weekend Recap

Don’t you hate Mondays?

Don’t you hate them even more after you’ve had a fun weekend?

We celebrated our 4th anniversary this weekend at Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

Hey, did you guys know it’s sort of hard to do things with a 6 month old baby? Suddenly we’re rolling with the early bird gray-hairs. Four-thirty dinner for me, Hubby, Baby Blogworthy and various old people. We got real crazy on Saturday night, people. He stayed up until 9 pm (rock star baby over there in that pack-n-play!)

The resort was spectacular and I don’t know how I’m going to repay my sister for her kindness. I mean, I offer my own home to her whenever she’d like, but she might as well be staying in a van down by the river compared to this resort she gifted us (I LOVE YOU SISTER.)

Each morning started on this really lovely balcony overlooking a man-made lake.

And we ate applesauce (Baby Blogworthy) and drank coffee (me) (except when he wanted a drink and knocked my iced coffee over)(I was only a little mad.)

We lounged by the pool. Baby Blogworthy swam for the first time. Nobody got sunburned (IT’S A MIRACLE!)

We used to have seasonal passes to Disney. I feel like I took all those day trips for granted. Although my heart wanted to be on the inside, we introduced Baby Blogworthy to the Magic Kingdom from outside the ticket gates.

It’s ok, though, because we did the “Disney World for People Who Work in Non-Profit” tour.

A trip on the monorail:

Lunch at the Polynesian Hotel (and some sightseeing):

Another trip on the monorail for a nap:

I barely got on Twitter, email or Facebook the whole time. I can’t say I missed it.

I also forgot how to write compound sentences. *sad trombone*

It was pretty much the best anniversary ever.

Be back tomorrow with a better grasp on the English language.

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