At first, I mistook the sound of running water for the white noise machine in the nursery. Maybe the neighbor was running water. At 8 am? Stranger things have happened. 

I shook it off and rushed to work.

Hubby called at four Thursday afternoon and asked if I’d heard water running. He heard the same thing and checked everything — sprinklers, toilets and faucets — and couldn’t find the culprit. A quick call to the water company and a visit from our friendly neighborhood Roto-Rooter guy confirmed our suspicions: we were the proud owners of a house with a water leak in some mysterious place between the kitchen and the guest bathroom.

Friday evening a guy from a leak detection company stopped by to find the exact location of the leak while I sat in my bedroom with a napping baby and tried on hairstyles and makeup using the InStyle virtual makeover. I learned two things Friday night:


  1. There is such a thing as a leak detection company, further confirming there is a job out there for everyone;
  2. When given the option of trying on any type of makeup in¬†existence, even in a virtual makeover, I’ll probably try on what I’d normally wear.
I thought my whole weekend was ruined. Thursday we were both a mess. I was crying, Hubby was moody and we both threw a childish little WHY ME! hissy fits. I would say, “where will we get the money to fix it??? Just tell me it’ll be alright!” and he would say “It’ll be alright!” and I’d be all, “WE WILL NOT BE ALRIGHT THIS IS A DISASTER!”
I texted a friend to tell her all about this awful tragedy. She was sympathetic but was more concerned about the hissy fits.
“Be gentle with each other!” she said.
I got that text while I was holding my little baby Blogworthy. He looked at me with those big, sweet eyes and my whole perspective shifted. Hubby, Baby Blogworthy and I laid down on the bed, talked and giggled. I just couldn’t help but think to myself, he depends on us completely, but he has no idea how much we depend on him, especially in situations like this. He’s truly the tie that binds us together and makes our love even stronger.
But this isn’t about emotional watershed, it’s about physical watershed.
Roto-Rooter showed up yesterday and added some lovely decor to the middle of our living room floor.
Isn’t that what every home needs? A big ol hole right in the living room floor? Like about 10 feet from the entrance. And also right smack dab in the middle of our eating area, where we eat and visit and you know, LIVE and stuff. ¬†Even better is that our laminate floors extend through the whole house and there is no real break between the living room and dining room/kitchen area, so replacing the flooring in one room means replacing it in EVERY room.
The pin-hole sized gap in that pipe caused all that drama and destruction. TGFHOI (Thank God for Home Owners Insurance).
Also? Who builds houses with pipes under the concrete foundation and doesn’t include a crawlspace. Floridians, that’s who.
The joys and sorrows of homeownership.
Worse home disasters? Spill it in the comments!
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22 comments to Watershed

  • KLZ

    Our basement started gaining a pond a few weeks after we moved in because the previous owner had installed the wrong kind of pump. I won't even tell you what it cost us to replace. The repair guys were giddy at the thought of so much money. Then they told us to be grateful: if we hadn't found it so early it could have been sewage. Awesome

  • Natalie

    Just to make you feel better, the bright homebuilders in TN use concrete slabs too. At least, most of the homes in Memphis. There are some outside Nashville with crawl spaces.

    I've seen several houses torn apart, literally, b/c of a frozen pipe. Or even just old pipes. My grandparents had TREES growing through theirs & had to have the entire house floor redone. It was a nightmare.

  • fumblingtowardsnormalcy.com

    Our house is lovingly referred to as "The House That Crack Built" because stuff like this happens all the time. If we shower in the master bathroom, it rains in the kitchen. Stuff like that.

    I'm sorry for all the aggravation and expense.

    My friend recently bought a house after living in an apartment for her entire adult life. The house was her dream since she got married a bunch of years ago. When things like this go wrong with her house…like when a pipe broke and flooded the basement while she was in labor with her daughter…she repeats her new motto…LTD. It stands for Living The Dream. It makes her laugh…instead of crying, which is what she usually wants to do.

  • Domesticated-Bliss

    Oh I feel your pain! We experienced the "Epic Flood of 2011" in our kitchen this January and we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel to put the kibosh on the kitchen remodel. Insurance money + $3000 of our own money = a semi completed kitchen :(

    I wish you the best of luck!

  • Foreign Mama

    With us it was not the house, but rather our shed in the backyard. The previous owners built a little bathroom/shower room in the shed (weird, I know), but we used it mostly for storage. When we opened it up after the winter, it was full of animal poop and pee and everything was chewed up and destroyed. To add to the insult, there was mice poop and what looked like bat poop as well. We ended up having to hire guys to demolish the shed, which ended up costing us a good amount. Of course, we got a discount, since my dad is in the mafia :).

  • Desperate Housemommy

    Hmmmm…scratching my head here and trying to come up with a home disaster. Could it be possible that we haven't had one?

    Swell. Now I'm all paranoid, just waiting for one to happen, because we must be due.

    ps – So sorry about the watershed.

  • Stephanie in Suburbia

    Oh, honey! I feel so bad for you! Don't babies take you down a notch most of the time?

    We're slightly concerned our oven is going. We had a roof leak, but we had planned on replacing the roof anyway. So most we were prepared for because we got the inspection report, etc. But I always hear it's the third year that goes with the house, so that's where we are.

  • Charlotte

    Awwww, I'm sorry to hear this. But from this major inconvenience comes a beautiful and renewed perspective on life and love: "I just couldn't help but think to myself, he depends on us completely, but he has no idea how much we depend on him, especially in situations like this. He's truly the tie that binds us together and makes our love even stronger." <Love this so very much.

    Also, I had no idea that leak detectors existed either. Guess I learn something new every day :)

  • JMJE

    That sucks. So far our biggest housing upset was when the ac broke last year and we had to buy a new one. Those things are not cheap but at least we got a tax credit this year.

  • Hutch

    Crawl spaces scare me…A LOT! But I can now see why they're beneficial.

  • Liz

    In TN, houses are built on slabs, too. So, we're in the same dumb structural situation.

    I love that you spent time trying on hair and make-up. :)

  • Jessica

    Oh yes, the joys of homeownership. We once had a pipe burst in the upstairs shower which dumped water into the downstairs bathroom. No fun at all.

  • Ms.Wasteland

    Ugh. We've had more leaks than Watergate around here. What we need is a complete bath/kitchen remodel but we just can't afford it so we keep patching things up and spending more money. :(

  • The Random Blogette

    This is one of the reasons why I hate being a homeowner. We have put a ton of money into our house and I swear that every day something new pops up that needs to be fixed. We have a shower in our master bath that started leaking on the family room underneath. So we stopped using that shower. And we haven't used it in the past 3 years. Sucks ballz.

  • Katsidhe

    Oy. My kitchen sink backed up yesterday because of all of the rain that we got and my apartment complex being next to a creek.

    "Be gentle with each other." Haha! That's cute.~

  • UnCheyned

    Joy of all joys – home ownership and leaky pipes. Here's my story! It's a doozy! http://crystalcheyne.blogspot.com/2011/04/home-ownership-horror-story.html

  • Shell

    Leak detection company? I think I've heard everything now.

  • Lisa

    Your poor house! Your poor sanity! I'm glad you've got the insurance to make it all ok :)

  • Cathy

    I'm sorry about the hole in your floor, but I'm happy that your little babe was there to "help" you through it!

    So you have to replace your floor, but think of it as a shopping trip! You could change the whole look of your house!

  • Jessica

    oh man! Days like that make me glad I am not a home owner! I think somedays we forget that not only do our babies depend on us but we depend on them! There have been countless days that my son's sweet smile has saved my sanity!

  • 400 Wakeups

    I understand this because, y'know…I had to stop a leak in the dining room with a condom last week. I really hope there's an end to the rain. I'm running out of condoms. The Homeowner's Association says they are probably going to pay to get it fixed. Probably. Such are the joys of buying into a collective. Yay.

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