Swaddle Me

I don’t really like change.

From a new job to moving furniture around in the living room, the idea of change makes me angsty, itchy and irritable. Yes, itchy.

My work friends knew this and helped to make the change from non-Mom to Mom a smooth one. During my pregnancy, a friend at work let me borrow a DVD called Happiest Baby on the Block, where a hippy doctor talked about the five ways to soothe a crying newborn: by swaddling, letting the baby suck on a pacifier, swinging the baby, holding him on his side and making a SHHHH noise (in a calm, soothing way and not an oh-my-God-will-you-please-shut-up kind of way). I was like, OK, right, let me get right on all this baby whispering bull right away. OR NOT.

Turns out, it totally works.

Sometimes my baby’s brain just goes haywire. He’s all, “I’m tired! I’m awake! I’m hot AND cold and hungry AND full AT THE SAME TIME! Life is so hard and tragic, please someone come rescue me because she’s starving me. to. DEATH.” and I’m all, “It’s 3 am and I hardly think so.”  And that’s when I pull from my magic baby whisperer bag of tricks the most amazing creation ever. The swaddle blanket. It’s a blanket that wraps around and velcros his arms firmly against his sides.  Although sometimes the spirit of Houdini overcomes him and he  wiggles out of it, the blanket normally keeps him snug as a bug. He will fall asleep literally 5 minutes after I wrap him. It’s simply amazing.

Basically, my baby hates change, too. He was tucked safe and sound in the most perfect environment EVER, and I forced him out into….this place, where food isn’t simply pumped into his stomach and sometimes it gets cold. He’s in a constant state of change: hungry to full, in someone’s arms to in a crib, dry diaper to wet diaper.

All he needs is that swaddle and he forgets all about it.

A few weeks ago during a team meeting, my boss announced one of our fellow team members was moving to a new department. He’s a great guy and we were shocked he was planning to leave. I freaked.

My mind went haywire, just like my baby’s does daily.As I was having this little panic attack, the DVD from months ago popped back into my mind.

My boss calmed us down, SHHed us, wrapped us in a virtual swaddle blanket and pushed the paci right into our mouths.  The other team member and I eventually stepped back from the ledge and could think calmly again, but I realized two things: I need to create a grown-up sized velcro swaddle blanket and I can relate to my baby way more than I thought.

What are your go-to calming techniques (for yourself, of course)(also for your baby if you’d like to share)?

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19 comments to Swaddle Me

  • singedwingangel

    hmm i think my virtual swaddle blanket is my computer, and my paci is a cup of coffee. Or if it's late enough in the day a fuzzy navel wine cooler.. bwhahah

  • KLZ

    Alex thinks swaddling or anything else that restricts his independence is the worst form of torture. Dear god, I've got an adventurer on my hands. I'll try to keep him from influencing Luke.

  • Sarah P

    Oh, God. And one of those vibrating baby swings with the nature sounds. Jeebus, I could use one of those.

  • Foreign Mama

    Happiest Baby on the block was totally a life saver for us. The only way to get Sammy down is swaddle him until he looks like a cocoon. My hub is now a pro in swaddling at all hours of day and night, and, of course, shhhhhhhhing.. He has the swimmer lungs, so he can shush for hours (i only last 3 min before I get light headed and ready to pass out).

  • Bill

    I had a tendency to shush a little too hard. pretty soon it turned into a "slush", and we had to wipe down the baby from all the saliva excreted. worked pretty well all around though, i would say. except now he's hard of hearing in one ear. no connection though.

  • Liz

    The magic and power of the swaddle is real and we should cherish it. :)

  • Jessica

    The swaddle can be magic. Everytime I wrap myself up in a blanket I fall right to sleep – which is not always a good thing.

  • blueviolet

    The only thing that always works for me is sleep. It totally restores me.

  • Hutch

    Wine and ice cream are my swaddle blanket :) No, but seriously just being able to relax in the quiet of my own place not talking to anyone is a HUGE help.

  • Shell

    Wine always calms me down…. ;)

  • Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

    I usually just try to think of a happy place or tell myself it won't last forever!

  • PhaseThreeOfLife

    The mental image of a grown woman wrapped in a swaddle blanket is priceless, so thanks for that. ;)

  • Ian

    Can't remember because it's been like forever. But that DVD is quite the good one.

    Oh yeah – don't run into the baby's room when he/she is crying. Something like waiting 5 minutes, then 7, then 10, then 15 or something like that

  • Ms.Wasteland

    My kids HATED being swaddled. HATED IT. They were a bit, um, high maintenance and little drama kings. Wonder where that came from?

    I calm myself with a walk or a hot shower. Or a glass of wine. Whatever is handy in the situation.

  • Stacey

    I've never actually swaddled a baby, but I've heard good things. When all else fails, I pop open a Pepsi and raid my stash of chocolate. I'm thinkin' that won't work for my newborn in a few weeks! LOL

  • Elena

    I loved Happiest Baby on the Block! I would totally buy a grown up swaddle blanket. ;)

  • fumblingtowardsnormalcy.com

    I would buy a grown-up swaddle…or a grown-up baby swing. Wouldn't life be all blissful then…wrapped like an eggroll and just swinging…

    Sorry…back of my day dream.

    Sadly, snacking is my swaddle blanket. But I'm trying to break that habit.

  • foxy

    DUDE. The swaddling blanket has been a LIFESAVER! I've used that little baby straight jacket ever since the nugget was born and it's effects are immediate and amazing. LOVE.

    Hope you're doing well… and hope to be back soon!


  • Cheryl

    If you make the grown-up swaddle blanket, put me down for two. :)

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