The magic dishwash fairy and other pet peeves

One pet peeve that shouldn’t drive you crazy, but does.

I’m a confusing person. There are things I don’t care about at all that I should care about, like the fact there are at least 10 empty Starbucks Frappuccino bottles bouncing around in my car or the Cheerio I dropped under my desk just out of reach that just chills there, making it look like a toddler lives in my cubicle. No, those things don’t bother me at all.
Then there are those pet peeves that shouldn’t bother me but instead turn me into a crazy person.
We have a dishwasher at my house. There are two of us and really, not many dishes, so we don’t have to run it that often. It stays relatively empty — empty enough that there is always room for an extra glass or small plate. Every few days we run it and the cycle starts again. The magic dishwasher fairy stops by, unloads the dishwasher, puts dirty dishes that are in the sink into the empty dishwasher and sprinkles magic fairy dust all over the kitchen so it stays spotless.
But there’s a small problem. There is no such thing as the magic dishwasher fairy. That dishwasher fairy is me. I’m the one who loads and unloads. I’m the one who takes the dishes out of the sink. The dishwasher fairy is dead. 
The pet peeve here is that I can’t STAND having dishes in the sink. I’d rather put the dishes on the counter beside the sink. Our sink is a little tiny baby sink. Not even, because its’ so small a baby wouldn’t even fit in it.  Two or three dishes? It’s completely full. And then if you have to turn on the water, it just stops up in the sink because, oh look, there is a dish covering the drain. All that leftover food and  stale, room temperature water combine to make my life a living hell. In fact, that’s what my version of hell would be: a sink with never-ending dirty dishes.
My other pet peeve drives my husband crazy. I’m very — how do I say this nicely about myself? — particular about my bed sheets. Actually, I’m completely crazy about everything that has to do with my sleeping arrangement. I need to have the sheets even and pulled up before I get in. I’ve been known to make the bed only to *unmake* the bed and get in. My pillow case has to be straight. The comforter has to be pulled down and folded just so at the end of the bed. EVERYTHING HAS TO BE TUCKED IN. If I know the corner of the fitted sheet has somehow slid off the mattress, I can’t rest until it’s fixed. It doesn’t even have to be on my side of the bed for the anxiety to set in — as long as I know there is a wee bit ‘o mattress showing, my brain goes haywire.
The other day we watched a show where the host was staying in a hostel in Brazil. he was given a bed with a dirty, stained mattress and no sheets. That’s my worst nightmare. I’d rather sleep on the floor with a blanket than on a stained mattress with no sheets.
Hub has a habit of eating in bed. I can’t stand it because eating = crumbs. A little snack of cheese and crackers while he watches some TV before bed leads to 15 minutes of me with a lint roller wiping every minuscule crumb out of the area. “What’s wrong with one or two crumbs? You wont’ even feel them. It’s no big deal,” he says. What he doesn’t understand is that I’m like the Princess and the Pea, but with crumbs. And I have the uncanny ability to find the tiniest crumb and get angsty about it.

You’d think after almost four years of marriage, he’d learn. Sometimes I think he just really enjoys watching me tug on the sheets maniacally and kicks them off on purpose.

I’m on to you, Hub.

What are your pet peeves? I bet they have something to do with your significant other. Discuss!

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22 comments to The magic dishwash fairy and other pet peeves

  • Rebekah Jo

    This made me bust out laughing, beucase I am the same way!!!! So glad I am not alone in my OCD…I mean peeves. :D

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's

  • Rebekah Jo

    This made me burst out laughing, because I am the same way. Glad I am not alone in my OCD…I mean peeves. :D

  • just call me jo

    Oh, yeah! Do you think all bloggers are psycho obsessive? Could be. There are so many on my list you would black out before you could finish reading it. Suffice it to say I'm officially deranged. You seem quite normal to me.

  • Domesticated-Bliss

    Visiting from Mama Kat's! This is hilarious and I feel the same way!!! I had so many pet peeves that I just had to pick one, but the dishwasher fairy is definitely high up on the list :)

  • Valerie

    People that come to your blog and say "follow me back" just to get "followers." Some say it's bad manners just to not follow back, but I'm not blogging for the followers – I'm blogging for the connections to interesting people. I don't like to collect followers who aren't even going to read what I'm writing – likewise, I don't like to follow a blog that doesn't interest (or annoys) me. And can I just say you are one heck of a woman for allowing eating in the bedroom? Have a great day!

  • singedwingangel

    Ohhh crumbs in the bed drive me absolutely nuts.. I loathe them and they always find their way to my side of the bed without fail..

  • Em

    Ugh, I absolutely hate it when a plate/bowl/cup is blocking the drain in the sink too! So gross!!

    (Visiting from Mama Kat's)

  • mariahsmile

    I feel like Phil rolls all night in his sleep. In the morning the sheets are totally off on his side which makes my side start to come off. He could totally sleep on just a mattress, but I obsess that the sheet is tucked in before we go to sleep! I don't mind unloading the laundry, I just don't like loading it! But it is much better than washing by hand!

  • Jessica

    I can't stand having dishes in the sink either. I have started paying my 7yo to unload the dishwasher so that I don't have to always do it. Works so far.

    I'm not as obsessive about the bed sheets but my little one likes to eat snack in my bed at night at it drives me crazy because then the bed is filled with crumbs. It is horrible.


  • JMJE

    I'm not big on eating in the bed. You would not like my sleeping arrangement. It involves me having my own sheet and blanket and my husband has the comforter. I can't sleep under the same blanket as other people. I'm special. I hate when my husband puts his feet on the coffee table when he has shoes on. He loves it when I'm like "B, remember our special rule about how we dont' put our feet on the coffee table when we have our dirty tennis shoes on".

  • Ms.Wasteland

    I can't stand dishes in the sink. And I'm the dishwasher fairy around here, too.

  • 400 Wakeups

    I just accused Brooke of not obeying the prompt because being picky about sponges is completely normal. But…er…I think you might have a problem. Just sayin'. :) Although, I completely agree with you about the dishwasher. I am the dishwasher fairy, as well, but only because I'm a bit OCD about it and don't trust anyone else to do it. Also, have you noticed that all of us in the circle of bloggers have a little OCD going on? Totally a trend and somewhat interesting. Maybe that should be the next writing prompt.

  • foxy

    OMG, I have so many pet peeves around my house, WHERE DO I START??

    Okay, first, our good pots and pans that I don't want to go in the dishwasher anymore. For one because it ruins them, and for two because it takes up too much space in the dishwasher. And no matter how many times I tell him and he says "okay", he still does it. Like for the last six months. UNTIL JUST THE OTHER DAY, when he was like, look at that! I washed the pot by hand and let it dry there like you wanted!! I was shocked and delighted. :)

  • Ms. Lollygagger

    FINALLY! Someone who is as OCD as I am in the bed department. I feel your pain on the crumbs and I too, always load/unload the dishwasher. Maybe we should start a support group.

  • Lady Old Soul

    LOL I totally get this!! I'm only like this at work, though…if there is a receipt lying on the counter, I literally cannot concentrate on what I need to do until it's in the trash. Same goes for pens that aren't in the spot where I keep them, or people's used gloves, or the paper bags we give for carryout. Drives me absolutely freaking INSANE. =) I was totally giggling through this whole post, so thank you for the best laugh of the day!

  • Venassa

    Sheets and stuff don't bother me but crumbs drive me insane. I will sit there brushing at the sheets until I have pushed them all to the floor.
    As for the dishwasher, that would bother me, but we dont have a dishwasher. And I can't stand to do dishes everyday so I deal with the nasty sink, as much as I hate it.
    My biggest annoyances? When people leave dirty dishes around the house. Or when my boyfriend never EVER de-clutters and throw out old pizza flyers and receipts. We don't need that kind of garbage buildup on our shelves!

  • Katsidhe

    I live alone, but there are times that I manage to peeve myself out.

    Like the shower curtain. I have to have it closed. Once in a great while I'll forget and leave it open, then I have to launch into a severe session of self-chiding.

    *sigh* Sometimes it is rather difficult to live with myself.

  • Athena

    I know what you mean about the dishes! My boyfriend always leaves a giant pile in the sink in his apartment, whenever I come over it's all gross and full of chunks and you have to get all the goo and dishes out before being able to fill the sink with water. So annoying! Can't he rinse the food out and leave it on the counter if he refuses to do dishes, sigh.
    Hehe your madness with the bed is funny, adventurous journeys in the wild might not be for you :D

  • Liz

    I have a friend who is exactly like that with her bed sheets. She'll make it just to unmake it and get in it for the night!

  • KLZ

    Our car is a hell hole and it doesn't bother me a bit – but I think David may one day murder me over it.

  • Stephanie in Suburbia

    It drives Scott nuts that I can't sleep with the sheets "upside-down." The tag HAS to be at the bottom. Even though, as he points out, it touches the MATTRESS! It drives me crazy!

    The dishwasher is a very touchy subject here, too.

  • Sheba Joyce

    It's been a while since the Jodster cohabitated, either with a partner or just a plain roommate so I've been spared living arrangement pet peeves for a while. A perk of being single that I'll cherish whilst I wait for my Jimmy Fallon-esque husband to arrive in my life. I will however–drudge up past cohabitating pet peeves for your blog–your blog only though. Food that is cooked on the stove should be stored in the fridge in a different container–not the pot you cooked it in–that one used to drive me insane in the membrane. And is it really that hard to pull back the shower curtain after you exit the shower stall? I think not. How about folding up the couch blanket and draping it nicely on the back of the couch before exiting the room? Too much to ask for? I think not. Lastly, if you have to push down the trash to deposit your new waste–it's time to replace the liner and start anew.

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