It’s that time again

Once again, we’ve reached the only time of the year I give a damn about sports — March Madness! Really, if you want me to care about something, make me arbitrarily choose between two things that are exactly the same and watch the magic happen.

Oh, those two teams were both 12-8 in the regular season? Can you give me some information that I can use, such as what are their team colors and who do they have for a mascot? (And for those of you who have asked, namely Ally, that link will take you to a mascot bracket and team color bracket. You’re welcome.) Last year my sister wrote about her own mascot brackets and I wrote about how to fake knowing about basketball enough to beat your friends, coworkers or spouse in tournament picks. I’ve been doing it for 6 years now, so I’m sort of an expert.

The other way to make me care about sports is to add a little drama to it, like a coaching scandal, someone getting arrested or dating a Kardashian. When hub watches NBA games, I refer to players not by their names but as “the guy who cheated on his wife”, “gun guy” or “Klohe’s husband”. But that’s another blog for another day.

Anyway. BASKETBALL. Remember what I showed you guys last year?

This is my husband’s idea of a good time — every TV in our home hooked up in one room so he can watch every first and second round game concurrently. It’s like a sports bar, plus a couch, minus the booze (that’s math). I’m not sure it’ll happen this year because our living room now includes 100% more baby products than last season, but he’s surprised me before.

And OH YEAH, this year we have a baby! One who can reach out and swat at things and you know what that means? He’s getting his own bracket! I’m planning a highly scientific method for him in which I’ll assign a team to each of two plush octopi (which I believe is the plural form of octopus and if it’s not — my blog, my rules so suck it, word  nerds) and the one he sticks into his mouth first wins that match up.

It’s Captain’ Calimari:

versus First Mate Squidbert

in epic battle of tentacles, sounds and plastic rings. Calamari has a mirror on his underside, but Squidbert plays sounds when his middle ring is pulled, so….it should be interesting in a way that has nothing whatsoever to do with basketball.  He loves them both. I hope to include some video of this and the results tomorrow.

If you want to get in on a bloggy bracket, Cathy is hooking you up this year (again) so visit her or tweet with her @cathyantsypants. It’s for cool people with blogs only WHICH INCLUDES ALL OF YOU.

Oh, lookie here! My girl Natalie is bonding with the men (and little lady) in her life over basketball!

Are you guys watching basketball, or are you more of a football fan? Or does something like American Idol fulfill your need for competition?

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13 comments to It’s that time again

  • CaneWife

    I want to play!

    I have a highly complex (and time-tested) method of selecting teams involving who looks better in the low-hanging shorts and who would be most likely to win in a slap fight!

  • Liz

    That post of yours from last year was one of the very first I read of yours. I think we emailed back and forth a few times about the massive number of TVs, too. :)

  • Cathy

    I so remember those posts you wrote last year….it's all coming back to me now! Yay for March Madness…thanks for sending people over to my place for the blogger bracket!

    Your sons bracket will probably be awesome…beginners luck and all.

  • 400 Wakeups

    You are officially my bracket wingman and I would like to say THANK YOU for the link!! (although you've already said you're welcome). :)

    It's printed and ready to fill out. I'll post my filled bracket sometime this week. And I'm VERY intrigued by your stuffed toy method. I can't wait to see how that works out. Make sure to attach a photo of something Luke loves to the belly of the animal when it's time for him to pick KY. Although his baby intuition may pick it anyway. MARCH MADNESS!! I freaking love March.

  • Miranda

    Those TV's seriously crack me up :-)

  • KLZ

    I badly wish that I ad used octopi for something this cool when Alex was wee.

  • From Tracie

    My husband loves him some March Madness.

    I um………read a book!

  • Stephanie in Suburbia

    This is the one time of year I don't pay attention to sports. Although now it's getting to real baseball season, so I'm gearing up. But I'm not much for college ball.

  • Ms.Wasteland

    My husband is into bball, football, and hockey. Like From Tracie, I'm into books.

    (I watch a little Idol,too.)

  • mariahsmile

    I totally remember last year's posts about picking your teams (your sister's too!) and everytime a certain sport is on tv I think of those posts and crack up! I think it is seriously genius the way Luke is picking his teams… can't wait for the results!

  • Lisa

    I love the octopi idea! I have to say I'm more of a football fan for sure (going to college at an SEC school will do that to ya)! Actually, that's an understatement…I can't watch basketball at all! It's too squeaky for me, and it makes me twitchy (seriously, next time you watch it just listen to how much squeaking there is!).


    Love the bracket method you are using this year. I think I'm going to go with a mascot method…at least for one bracket…I am doing three this year. I've got a bunch of articles and expert advice printed out to pour over while I eat lunch. I love March Madness!

  • Those TV’s seriously crack me up :-)

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