I might be married to a gamer

We had an extremely important decision to make this weekend.

Sunday night we’re just chilling and my husband randomly pauses whatever we were watching (probably football) (definitely football because that is the current torture he’s putting me through) and turns on his PlayStation. He has three gaming systems — I feel like that’s necessary to note. I asked what he was doing, not that I minded him putting the temporary kibosh on the stupid football game, but because WHY ARE WE GAMING? What is that important?

Apparently, two very super fun and interesting and not at all like the 2010 version that came out last year games were launching on Tuesday. And he had to decide quickly which one he needed.

Like I said, it was very important.

So he downloaded two demos: NBA 2k11 and NBA Jam. Basically, two versions of the exact same game.

But only to the uneducated and uninformed player, because you guys, they are SO totally different. For instance, NBA Jams is like the old-school arcade style basketball game and features current players. NBA 2k11 is a NEW basketball game and features current players and as an added bonus? IT FEATURES MICHAEL JORDAN. Because he….still plays? Because….that makes sense? (The answer is NO to both of those situations.)

NBA 2k11 PRO: Has Michael Jordan.
NBA 2k11 CON: Really hard and he can never beat it and then gets tired of playing and I yell at him for spending all that money and then not playing.

NBA Jams PRO: Awesome arcade game just like the one he played in 1987, and if he remembers correctly, the 7 year old him had. a. BLAST.
NBA Jams CON: Does not include Michael Jordan.

So what did he decide? The easy, old school JAMS game, which he played for about 15 minutes and ended up “beating the computer”, which I guess is a good thing?

Now he’s free to enjoy this game for the 2.3 times he’ll open it and then will later sell it for half of what he bought it for through his Amazon business. The life of a gamer.

Do you like to play video games? Can you imagine a choice quite so difficult?

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26 comments to I might be married to a gamer

  • erin

    When I was in college I played Final Fantasy 7 WAYYYYYY too much. I also feel guilty mentioning this game to anyone else, afraid that they might also become horribly addicted.


  • Aimee

    I like playing Madden but my bf gets mad because I beat him at it and usually I just press random buttons while he is strategizing the entire time.

    My bf is a big sports gamer. Seriously I dont get the point of having every single year of every single sports game. Yes there are slight differences but seriously. I can understand it on Madden because it does change drastically but does he really need EA Baseball 2K-2K10 and the other baseball game which i think is world series or whatever,. And he will most likely get both basketball games. Geezus.

    So I feel you

  • Snuggle Wasteland

    Poor you. And you're having a boy so you'll have both of them playing games at some point.

  • Salt

    My husband manages a store that sells video games for a living.
    Suffice it to say that I know way too much about video games. Even though I do not play them.

    It's okay to feel sorry for me. I do.

  • KLZ

    Um, why don't you just subscribe to gamefly, the netflix of videos games? Saves you some aggravation and him some decision making…

  • Brooke

    Ugh, I've gone through phases of liking games but have never purchaesd a system. Any that I had belonged to the boy I was with. The Husband and I have a Wii and an XBox, both of which get played religiously for 3 days when we buy a new game and then not again for months.

  • JessMel

    I understand your pain!! My husband LOVES video games and LOVES to tell me about them. I half listen because I get lost after about five words. He got the new Halo game…he stayed up until midnight to pick up his copy…yea he's one of those guys!

  • Alyson -- Common Sense, Dancing

    Wow. And I thought my kids' gaming dilemmas were a cross to bear….never considered a gaming husband.


  • foxy

    My husband is a gamer too, so I feel for you. But he's more into Madden, Tiger Woods golf, and those crazy kill-everyone-and-make-it-to-the-end games. You know those?

  • The Random Blogette

    My hubs used to be into games before we had kids but he rarely plays them now unless he plays with the kids. I do not like playing video games unless they are fighting games like Mortal Kombat so I can just push a bunch of random buttons and win! Although I do love me some drunken Rock Band!

  • Canadianbloggergirl

    I'm married to a gamer. Right now its facebook applications, but when he had his PS2 I literally had to take the memory cards and games away and hide them one day while he was at work! I'm a bitch you may think…but here is why.,..

    I was working three part time jobs. One at a nursing home, one was visiting nursing the other was suicide watches on the psych wards a the local hospital. I was never home, and the laundry would pile up to 30 loads the dishes were stacking up to 4 hours of washing and the litter box hadn't been changed in 4 weeks! I could only work so much and clean so much. I talked with him repeatedly and nothing.

    He never played his play station again and his Wii that he has now, hasn't been played since Feb 2010. I think he learnt his lesson!

  • Rebecca Sue Peters

    My boyfriend owns a lan center where xboxes are linked together for people to play together, or together online. So yes, he MUST play every game. And spends gobs of time on IGN forums discussing the intricate differences between them! OMG!

  • The Blogging Goddess

    I am lucky…
    1. my husband is not a gamer..although he does like to play games…mind games.
    2. he is never here to be a gamer or play his mind games.

  • Liz

    we have yet to own any video game system, though i think that will change come christmas.

  • Venassa

    It's nice to know I'm not alone.

    My boyfriend sent me two youtube videos yesterday, both of games coming out, to see which one he should get.

    My boyfriend also had 3 gaming consoles.. he is down to 2 now, because I took the Wii.

    I play some video games, but no where near the amount he would like me to play.

  • Sarah Mac

    I have a strict rule at my house…you can't have the same game 2 years in a row. If Goog gets a 2010 version, he's not getting another version until at least 2012!!!

    I'd go with the Michael Jordan one cause he's our uncle. ;-)

  • Crazy Shenanigans

    I haven't played video games in awhile. The last thing I played was a guitar hero. I had a wii and gave it to my uncle because that's how little I was playing it.

  • Deidra

    Sports games? Ewwww. Why would you waste gaming time playing as Michael Jordan? Give him Rock Band and a guitar controller. Your life will get instantly better.

  • mariahsmile

    Phil is totally obsessed, I can understand.

  • My Husband's Watching TV...

    Matt's a wannabe gamer but I don't let him be because I know he won't have time during the summer.

  • Hutch

    The ex was a gamer and now has a blog about it…seriously. Yet, he considered himself a jock. In my mind these are two separate people. Not anymore apparently

  • Grimmgirl

    We don't play too many video games, but we are into board games — we have a great collection and have just started introducing our eldest son to them.

  • thedryerblewup

    Boys don't grow up, they just get bigger. I have yet to figure out why a new sports game needs to come out each year, or why Dh must buy it when it's exactly the same as the one that he has. Supposedly they are different, but I see no difference in them

  • gopopgo

    First of all. How. Dare. You?!

    Second of all. My wife will totally agree with you. I game far less after becoming a dad but it's my little respite, you know, to keep up my hand-eye coordination, which is a really important thing to maintain as my kids get older.

    I also buy used games so that my wife will be less angry when I give up playing a game after 2 or 3 tries.

  • Uptown Girl

    I'm confused by this.
    #1- what is happening? there are NBA games? I played something like that when SuperNintendo was new… is it different?

    #2- how has it been this long since I've been over on your blog? I need to get all caught up (after work of course).

  • Miranda


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