Wendys, you’re on my list

So if you watch TV at all and don’t fast forward through the commercials, you know that Wendy’s now has their small size Frosty for 99 cents. I’ve been obsessed with them for a month or so because 1) they are delicious and 2) they are only 99 cents, so it’s perfect for daily pregnancy snacks.

In fact, as I watch this SEC football game, which is sponsored by Wendys, I’ve seen no fewer than 5 commercials for this tasty treat.
Our Wendy’s is right down the road. We actually have a couple, but the one down the road is so convenient. But the past couple of times we’ve gone they said their machine was down. I thought to myself, “wow, the advertising campaign must be working.”
Then Friday night, Hubby tried to stop by and get a Frosty for me as a surprise and they told him they only had ONE machine, so they could only make one flavor at a time. They only serve chocolate Frostys every other day and vanilla on the off days, so that we should call before we come to make sure they have them.
Several things are wrong with this. 
  1. We’re talking about a FROSTY, not some fancy restaurant. Are they really telling us we have to call and make reservations for a Frosty? I mean is Wendy’s black tie optional now? 
  2. Who actually orders a vanilla Frosty? Even my sister, who loves vanilla cake, icing, and ice cream, prefers the chocolate Frosty. I mean, it’s a classic. Who hasn’t enjoyed a cold, creamy Frosty on a hot summer’s day? It’s the all American treat. Then somebody had to decide to mess with a good thing and create those God awful vanilla ones. I haven’t tried a vanilla Frosty but I believe it’s akin to saying, “Hey, you know, Christmas on December 25 is good, but you know what might be more convenient for all? Let’s have it on December 30. That way we can just have Christmas and then New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day all in the same week.” 
  3. Here is a novel idea: GET A NEW FROSTY MACHINE. I’m sure the thousands of locations have multiple Frosty machines, so tell me why it’s so difficult for ours to have the same thing? I mean Wendy’s is spending probably a quarter of a million dollars on advertising their Frosty’s, yet we are unable to get the kind they are advertising. Bull crap is what it is.
It’s just cruel and unusual punishment to make a pregnant lady look at Frosty’s on the screen for 8 hours on a Saturday and then not be able to serve her one.
Do you eat chocolate or vanilla Frosty’s? 

Oh, and I’m guest posting today over at Our Mommyhood! Learn how I became mortal enemies with the OB clinic scale!

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35 comments to Wendys, you’re on my list

  • JMJE

    I would never even think of getting a vanilla frosty. It's chocolate all the way. That's what makes it a frosty. If it's vanilla then it is a totally different dessert in my mind.

  • Chicken

    I had no idea that they even made anything other than chocolate! I would strike against Wendy's and start visiting Dairy Queen.

  • Bloggin in PA

    That is the lamest thing! I hate it when your craving something and they dont have it. And they should! Imagine walking into Starbucks to get a latte and they say "sorry our machine is broken" that would NEVER happen!

  • Jenna

    Oh how I so agree with your post. In my opinion, a vanilla frosty is just wrong! I actually get bad when they ask because in my little head there is no other way than the chocolate way!

  • seriouslytake2

    As I was reading this, I was going "who actually eats vanilla Frostys?" I kinda think vanilla Frostys shouldn't even exist.

  • SmartBear

    The vanilla frosty thing pissed me off as well. If I were pregnant, I think I might take someone's head off were I needing a REAL frosty and not one of those crappy vanilla ones.
    You look great, btw….

  • itsybitsyknitsy

    Vanilla Frosty? What the hell? Who would want that? I didn't even know there was such a thing. Crazy – stick to the chocolate Wendys!

  • Cecelia Winesap

    Wow. I'm surprised they are so complacent about repairing their busted machine.

  • Lisa

    Chocolate! I love vanilla, but never even wanted to try a vanilla frosty. And I am so jealous that you got to watch the SEC games Saturday, I was at work! :{

  • SurferWife

    Ok, Look Amanda. I was following along nicely, all upset for my preggy friend who needs to shove a frosty in her face when all of a sudden I was stunned by one sentence.

    Bash vanilla frostys, blah, blah, blah, vanilla blows, blah blah blah
    I have never tried a vanilla frosty, blah, blah, blah, get a new fucking machine, blah, blah, blah.

    Amanda. You sound like one of my children. How do you KNOW you don't like something if you have never tried it.

    Maybe Baby Blogworthy would LOVE to try a vanilla Frosty. But no. Little Blogworthy doesn't get to try because his mother is all uppity about the vanilla frosty she has never tasted.

    I'm sending you ninety nine cents so you can try the vanilla on my dollar.

    And if you hate it THEN you should bitch out Dave the founder of Wendy's.

  • Brooke

    This is going to be a very shameful confession, but I've never had a Frosty… period.

  • foxy

    OMG – I looooooooove the chocolate frosty. I have a Wendy's within walking distance of my office, so I stop by there ALL THE TIME. Love, love, love. And you know, sometimes I prefer vanilla stuff, but I've NEVER wanted a vanilla frosty… it's chocolate all the way, baby!!

  • Hutch

    I didn't know vanilla was an option. Not that I would choose it since wendy's fries dipped in a chocolate frosty is the only way to go. The fact that you don't even get the option to choose is so Anti-American. Freedom of choice? Helloooooo!

  • mariahsmile

    I admit that I tried the vanilla frosty when it first came out, but the chocolate is still way better and haven't had a vanilla since! I've never heard of a Wendy's only having one frosty machine, that is just plain wrong!

  • Amanda

    Ok seriously…this post made me laugh.

    and CHOCOLATE FROSTY…hands down.

  • The Only Girl

    I do love a chocolate frosty, but only have one about once a year. I'm more of a Diet Coke girl. From the fountain with ice please. But vanilla is definitely worth trying. And if SurferWife is paying for it – what cha got to lose?

  • Sandra

    Cruel and unusual punishment indeed! ~still laughing~ You are too cute!

  • Deidra

    I'm sorry, I love chocolate and will love it forever, but for some reason, vanilla Frosties are tasty. :shameface:

    As for the restaurat, I just feel sorry for the poor workers. I work at Pizza Hut, and I know I don't like to dissatisfy customers either.

  • Snuggle Wasteland

    I didn't even know that vanilla Frosties existed. Chocolate all the way! How can they deprive your unborn child??

  • My Husband's Watching TV...

    Didn't they use to ONLY make chocolate frostys? That is crazy! Call ahead???

  • Liz

    whenever we have to call in Capt Obvious, it's a bad sign.

    i thought the same exact thing about vanilla. who ever orders it?

  • Sarah Mac

    I know you have a lot of pull, but please please please don't change Christmas to December 30th! It's bad enough that my birthday is 5 days after Christmas, I can't imagine if it was actually on…*sniff sniff*…

    Annnyway, I have in fact tried a vanilla frosty, but even I agree chocolate is the way to go!!

    If you don't enjoy the Surferwife-paid vanilla frosty, I will personally drive up to Columbus and throw some elbows to every Wendy's exec I can find until they get the G-ville Wendy's a second frost machine.

  • Stephanie

    Why do they even have a vanilla frosty? Seriously? I survived 24 years with just chocolate…no need to change things up now. Boo Wendy's!

  • Stephanie in Suburbia

    I had insane ice cream cravings when I was pregnant. I mostly opted for Dairy Queen b/c it's closer, but I do love me a Frosty. Though I agree with other posters…I TRULY had no clue they had vanilla! It's bogus! Switch to Dairy Queen.

  • Crazy Shenanigans

    I love both flavors but I've never had a vanilla frosty! That sounds like such a ghetto Wendys!

  • Cindy

    Ha! This is funny. CHOCOLATE all the way!

  • Hello! I'm Kate.

    I would NEVER eat a vanilla frosty! I would also never tell a pregnant woman that she can't have one-that would put them on my list too!

    I'm stopping by from our mommyhood! I so feel your pain, I have one kiddo (15 mo now) and pregnancy with him was hard. I hated watching myself gain weight, but at least you can eat! I couldn't for 35 straight weeks without being sick. Then the last 4 weeks I ate and ate and ate and ate!

    Trust me it all comes off! I am in fact skinnier now than I was before I got pregnant (breastfeeding really helped with that.) But I think you are so right about how healthy it can't be for all those heidi klums out there to drop weight in 8 wks. I didn't do it, it came off slowly, but surely!

    Anyways…sorry for the novel! I subscribed to your feedburner so I can keep up with everything & see pics of the new baby! Congrats and sorry for the novel!!! :)

  • Midwest Mommy

    My husband orders vanilla every time. Makes me want to gag.

  • The Random Blogette

    I love this, cuz you know I have my own issues with Wendy's! Now I really want to go get a chocolate Frosty! But knowing my Wendy's they will either give me a vanilla one or it will be a melted mess. Jerks!

  • KLZ

    Why would they even make vanilla frosty's at all? Isn't that called soft serve? I truly do not understand. Maybe I'll have to reserve one to see.


  • Cassandra

    I love me some Wendy's.

    I like eating a frosty with fries. So, it has to be chocolate to get the right flavor.

    However, I'm not usually down with much of chocolate anything (milk, cake, frosting, ice cream)… unless it's Ben and Jerry's Phish Food.

  • From Tracie

    Chocolate only. In my world the vanilla ones don't even exist.

    When I was pregnant, Burger Kind came out with these milkshake iccee combinations and I got hooked on the Vanilla Cherry ones. Then a couple of weeks later they started having issues with the machine. So my husband drove much further away to another BK…..until they had problems with their machine. It was a sad time at our house.

  • bitethebedbugs

    Vanilla? I don't even know what that is. But it sounds disgusting. That said, maybe you could get creative. Get a vanilla frosty and some candy mix ins from the store. May I suggest junior mints.

  • Allyson

    And NOW the whole taste-testing thing makes sense. So, we are testing chocolate vs vanilla? If your Wendy's only makes one kind of frosty each day, did you have to buy one, freeze it, and then go the next day and get the other one? And if so, would a day-old frozen frosty ruin the outcome of the taste test because it's not authentic to its original taste? I actually HAVE had the vanilla frosty and it tastes exactly like McDonald's soft serve vanilla ice cream or their milkshake. Oddly, though, being lactose intolerant, the McD's one sends me screeching to the bathroom about 15 minutes after while the Wendy's one NEVER does. Which begs the question…what do they put in a Frosty if it's not whole milk??

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