It’s Blogworthy Award: Most Ridiculous Story of the Week

Hey, y’all, welcome to..what day is it? Let me check the dry erase board outside:

Oh yeah, FREEKY FRIDAY, now with twice as many E’s!

Thanks to all who voted on the most ridiculous story of the week last week. It sure was a pretty atrocious week and I was glad when it was over. This week has been decent except for the time when I got an injection straight into my buttcheek.

First order of business, the winner winner chicken dinner for the It’s Blogworthy Award for Most Ridiculous Story of the week is, indubitably, the story of the Wicked Witch of Plantopia. And why wouldn’t it be? She is ridiculous. We wanted to keep the peace so we wrote her a letter with three options for making it right ALTHOUGH WE DID NOTHING WRONG. Hub called a few law offices because we wanted to cover our bases in case she tried to sue us because crazy doesn’t take a vacation and not ONE lawyer would even talk to us. They all said it wasn’t worth their time. Lawyers said that. I didn’t think lawyers turned down any chance to make money, but I guess we can all learn something from this situation.

So congrats, Wicked Witch of Plantopia, you’ve won!

Hope it’s big enough to cover up that trimmed plant area! And P.S. you’ve now scared us badly enough that we’re going to put up a privacy fence quick as a bunny! So thanks for that!

Enjoy your weekend, folks. I’m going to be chilling with my sister, some close friends, a sheet cake and lots of baby presents (it’s shower time!) Then after that, we’re going to eat lots of fattening food and spend Sunday watching Friends episodes!

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11 comments to It’s Blogworthy Award: Most Ridiculous Story of the Week

  • C Cheyne

    I'm a little jealous of your Sunday plans. How I would love to spend a Sunday watching Friends reruns. Alas, the husband hates Friends. He says they ruined the show with the whole drawn out Ross and Rachel will they or won't they saga. (He feels the same way about Derek and Meredith on Grey's, BTW.) And also, he hates Jennifer Anniston. So…have fun watching what I consider to be the greatest sitcom of all time.

  • Crazy Shenanigans

    I just wouldn't do anything for her and see if she ever comes around. I doubt she will. Crazies move on to something else fast.

    Have a great time at your shower! I expect to see TONS of photos!

  • Salt

    Oh thank god for that dry erase board or I would have entirely forgotten that it was Friday. Have FUN this weekend at your SHOWER! I expect many pictures full of awesome next week. :)

  • Hutch

    I wonder what would happen if you were to print this out and put it in her mailbox or on her door (not the post just the award).

  • SurferWife

    Crap. I need to get on the Word Up, Yo crack train again. I got off a couple weeks ago and fell asleep apparently.

    Are you still pregnant? Shit. This is taking forever.

  • foxy

    Welcome to the nuthouse! A privacy fence is, I think, a GRAND idea!

    Enjoy your long weekend AND your shower for the bebe!!

  • Amanda

    WOOHOO Fattening Food! LOL! Enjoy your weekend!

  • Liz

    Well, I would indubitably say one of the other 2 stories, but what do I know… :)

  • Midwestern Mama Holly

    Have a great weekend yourself lady bug!

  • Sarah P

    So. When you going to squirt out this baby?

    (Not mine. Stole it from someone at high school reunion.)

  • Allyson

    Combining the last 2 into 1:

    1) I'm so glad the Wicked Witch of Plantopia won. Also I'm a little shocked that no lawyer would talk to you. I mean, did you call the really skeezy ones…the ones with the ads during Days of Our Lives? Those would be your best bet. But a privacy fence is good, too. Besides…we wouldn't want the Wicked Witch of Plantopia making off with Baby Miami, now would we?

    2) I'm not jealous of this glucose test AT. ALL. Although glad that's behind you and you are not, apparently, diabetic (because of the whole sheet cake thing last weekend). So, YAY!! Are you going to post your beautiful gifts and plans for the nursery? Are you going to tell inquiring minds where you're registered? ;) Would you rather have a shot to the ass or go through labor (I mean, if you got to choose…)? (Just checking on your fear of needles)…

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