It’s been awhile — wanna hear some work stories?

My team has access to the production studio at work, which is much less impressive than it sounds, although the most wonderful, cool, dark and quiet room you’ll ever see in your life. Don’t think I haven’t thought long and hard about napping there on occasion. Anyway, we do some video editing and podcasting there. Our studio is located within a suite that holds our call center, an impressive 5 employees strong. That’s right — we’re so awesome we only need 5 people in our call center. 

I was editing some video yesterday and when I walked out one of our call center employees whispers to me to come over to her desk. She’s a really nice lady, a little older, always so happy and positive. We work in the same department but not really with one another, but I knew OF her. So I head over to her desk and have the following conversation:

Her: Let me ask you something. Don’t you get mad at me, now. [places her hand on my belly] Are you pregnant?
Me: Yes!
Her: I knew it. You’re having a girl, aren’t you? [as she continues to rub my belly]
Me: Actually no, a boy. We just found out last week.
Her: That’s just so wonderful! [tone change to angry] Did that big tall girl have her baby yet?????
Me: [taken aback] um, well, I don’t know. Maybe? 

Two things: my belly is not that big, so touching it at this point is still a little more in my personal space than I care for an almost stranger to be. I mean when the baby gets bigger, maybe. But right now, I’ll take my belly untouched, please. Also? I don’t know what girl she’s talking about. Like no clue whatsoever. It was a strange transaction.


Our little intern, bless his heart, he’s 21 years old. It’s just precious. I love 21 year olds because they are still filled with goodness and wonder and positivity. They still think liberal arts is a good, strong choice. They like things such as napping and doing projects and going out to bars. They have time for all that stuff.

I gave him a project to help me with this summer — taking photos of some nurses for our website. He came in with the photos and he’s all, look how they all posed and stuff for me. They were really friendly. Another coworker teased him about giving the girls his number and he said, “naw, they were older.” Older. Guess what’s older to a 21 year old? TWENTY-FIVE. Yeah, the ripe old age of 25. Over the hill, certainly. I mean after the metabolism starts to slow it’s all over. 

We all enjoy our intern.


Not really work related, but since this blog is turning out pretty random anyway, here goes. In the past two weeks, we’ve had one almost fatal lightening strike in the area and one not really close to be fatal but still scary anyway alligator attack.

The alligator attack was on a researcher who was snorkeling in a river about 30 minutes south of where I live. The alligator was all, Oh, my food delivery is here NOM. And the guy was apparently big and strong and wrassled him off. The guy got a bite on his neck and some cuts and bruises but was OK and would make a full recovery. The alligator was murdered by the Fish and Wildlife people. Let’s be clear here — if you were in your living room and a some terriyaki chicken wings just sauntered in like they owned the placed, kicked up their drummettes and sat a spell, you’d bite them…right? Same with this gator. Dude was swimming in his house! And I’m sure he smelled delicious.  So whatever, I’m over it now but there was a hot second where I was sitting here with tears in my eyes after I found out the alligator was shot.

These two things together make Florida seem like the most terrifying place on the planet.

How many inches is your personal space bubble? How much do you enjoy interns and/or 21 year olds? Are you scared of Florida?
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26 comments to It’s been awhile — wanna hear some work stories?

  • JMJE

    So my bff from college is about the same amount pregnant as you and I'm all about touching her belly when I see her. But we are a close and I do it in a hilarious/sarcastic manner. She probably hates me doesn't she? My personal space was invaded this morning when a man wearing what I can only assume to be a full bottle of cologne sat down about 2 inches away from me in my cubicle.

  • Midwestern Mama Holly

    When I was pregnant I hated HATED people touching my belly. It's all about personal space people, and touching is invading.

  • foxy

    Dude. I'm with you on the alligator thingy… like it was his fault! Poor thing. Makes me mad that they murdered him. And, yes, MURDER is the correct term. Homey was just trying to eat what was in his kitchen.

  • The Only Girl

    Not scared of Florida. Am, however, scared of alligators. Like – really scared.

  • Sarah P

    Personal space while pregnant was a six-foot diameter. When I was driving, I called the state police every time someone tailgated me.

  • Lisa

    I'm with you on the alligator thing. It'd be one thing if it wandered up into some backyard with a kiddie pool, but he was just doin' his thing!

    And the bubble thing-oh, I hate when people get in my bubble!! I've decided that when I get pregnant I'm gonna give people some food for thought. First person to grab my belly I'm gonna reach right back and grab their boobs. Because, obviously we are at the stage of our relationship where intimate touching is ok. If you want to try this, let me know how it works :)

  • Rachel

    BP (not like the company, but like 'Before Pregnancy') I had a personal bubble with about a 12 foot diameter. Seriously, I like my own space. Now, it seems that noone cares about that personal bubble and it has been reduced to at least to a -12 foot diameter. Total strangers touch my belly and ask me REALLY personal questions…questions about breast-feeding and such. I'm like "uh, yeah, I don't even KNOW you!" I can honestly say that I have never touched a stranger's stomach, pregnant or not. And while it's nice to have people acknowledge your pregnancy, there is just no need for TOUCHING the pregnancy! :)

  • Salt

    That is one thing that totally freaks me out about being pregnant. I swear that if anyone tries to touch my stomach they are getting punched in the throat.

    Be careful with those alligators down there! I pink puffy heart you and don't want you to be eaten.

  • SmartBear

    Oh Amanda…I have missed you!
    1.) Get used to people touching your belly. Seriously. There is no way around it. And can I just say how THRILLED I am that you are having a boy?! Awesome! (I'm a little biased)
    2.) I bet your intern thinks my 35 year old ass is a cougar…chew on that.
    3.) Chewing…damn straight that gator had a right to take a big bite. Instead of shooting him, how's about keeping people out of his territory?

    All the best,

  • liz

    I only had weird belly rubbing with 1 person, and during Maddie's pregnancy. It was on repeated occasions, though, and by the dental assistant who cared for me when I had some periodontal crap done.

    I can honestly say I would have trepidation about living in FL due to gators.

  • Draea Lael (Rose)

    Each of the four pregnancies I have had I felt different about the baby-belly space. I was really protective of my space with my daughter, but I was also 17 and kind of over the edge. My close friends didn't even touch (I think my eyes screamed "Touch me and DIE")
    My 2nd, I didn't look like i was preg til I was almost 8 months, by the time people started to ask (most ppl did) I was like sure..w/e I just wanna be done!
    The last 2 were about the same. I never had much of an issue with random touching, except for one weird lady that used to eat in my section all the time…she was all snake-tattooey and crazy looking… she actually brought a snake in a duffle bag into Olive Garden one night, I almost went into labor right then….BAH SNAKES!!! I spent 16 years in Florida, and 14 of those trying to get OUT! SO not my vibe. DOn't like gators in my yard, we had one try to eat my teeny dog once…but in their space is a different story. I just don't like the possibility of snakes AND gators being in or under my home…which happens too often in FL. *shudder*

  • Hutch

    #1 If you don't know if someone's pregnant, don't ask, like ever! (although she seems like the office stalker who knows everyone's business without actually knowing them)

    #2 No touching allowed. period. exclamation!

  • My Husband's Watching TV...

    I always fear people will touch my belly and I'm NOT pregnant…guess I should lay off the ice cream. That is hilarious about the intern! Hopefully you aren't the tall girl that lady is talking about…

  • purseblogger

    Oh man, that is so sad about the alligator. That is cruel. :(

    I'm with you on don't touch my belly. When I was pregnant, it was amazing to me how many people actually do that. Lay off please.

    25 is old? Wow…

  • Amanda

    I don't have a personal bubble space..I live in Peru and there is NO such thing- HA!

    I like interns…

    I love Florida


  • Bitsy Baby Photography

    stopping by to catch up =) i love random posts…probably because i'm rather random. hhmm so 21 year old male interns…yeah let's remember i'm married so i don't enjoy them at all anyomore!! Awesome analogy with the terriyaki chicken wings, rofl! Before I go lemme recommend to stay away from the older lady at the desk…gotta protect that baby =)

  • jessalyn

    ooh alligators are scary. also, touching my belly would make me be scary. i don't care how preggo i got, i don't think i would care for it…

    and i would enjoy a 21 year old intern if he were eye candy. otherwise, i would just get mad at him for making me feel old.

  • Uptown Girl

    I <3 the word wrassled.

    Also, I'd like an intern. Please?

  • SurferWife

    How I LOATHED when someone would touch my belly. THE worst.

    Almost as bad as when I was pregnant with Jason and unmarried and I would catch their eye drift to my ringless left hand.


    And now i feel old. If 25 is old I am ancient.

  • Allyson

    You don't have to be bigger than a New YOrk second for people to be touching your belly. The first time it ever happened to me, I FREAKED out. And I think that Mothers think they can pull this shit because they've been there. But I've been there and I would still NEVER do that to someone else. As a matter of fact, BFF is about to pop any day now and I still wouldn't touch her belly without asking first. And we've known each other since we were 5. So…yeah…you're probably going to need to create a tshirt that says "This area is closed for construction" or something like that. Then you would just have the illiterate folk touching your belly.

    And I sometimes feel this way about the palmetto bugs that I drown in our toilet..but this is MY domain. I pay the electricity and the rent in the joint. The only freeloaders I allow are Poppy and LuLu. No additional squatters. So, either see your way back out from whence you came, or you're getting waterboarded.

  • Crazy Shenanigans

    I couldn't deal with the strangers touching me. Sometimes people at work will touch me and I'm like ummm….get your hands off me.

    I totally agree with you on the gator story.

  • notquiteawake

    My personal space bubble is very small. I've just recently been able to have people hug me without it being incredibly awkward. Likely another one of the many reasons why I'm still single.

    I am also of the firm belief that, unless you can actually see that a woman is giving birth, don't ever ask if she's pregnant.

    Interns make me feel old.

    I would love to go to Florida! Alligator attacks don't scare me! Ok, they do but I'd still love to go.

  • OG

    Drummettes are already killed and cooked, humans are typically not – plus we're higher on the food chain. Still sucks for the gator though.

    If anybody touched my belly and asked how far along I was I'd punch them.

  • Tracie

    Basically, I don't like to be touched. Ever. Only my kids and husband are allowed to and I don't want them hanging all over me.

    Your description of the alligator murder was hilarious.

  • The Random Blogette

    I will never forget when some random chick came up to me at a bar when I was pregnant and started rubbing my stomach. It actually freaked me out so much that I jumped and grabbed her wrist. She smiled and walked away. I was about ready to take her down. I don't understand why people think it is ok to touch a pregnant woman's tummy. I even ask before I touch my sister's pregnant belly.

    And so if 25 is Ancient, then what the hell is 30?

  • seriouslytake2

    I overheard our little 18 year old intern saying that he thinks "older" people should have to take a driver's test again. "Like, when people get to be 50 or so, they need to go take a driver's test to keep driving."

    Apparently 25 is too old to date, and when we hit 50, we might as well just hang it up. Turn the keys over to someone else cause we're too ancient to function.

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