It’s a pager. Jealous much?

I spent Memorial Day weekend as the on-call media rep for work. There are four of us who take turns handling any media that calls after hours and on weekends. Typically during those times, we just say, “sorry wrong number”. I mean, we say “sorry, call back during office hours”, unless it’s a big time emergency or something big going on. I’ve never had to go in on a weekend (knock on this fake wood that is my desk), but I’ve conducted some phone interviews and answered calls that come in all hours of the night.

During last fall’s Swine Flu Epidemic That Was Going To Kill Us All But Turned Out To Be Not That Bad, I got a call at 3 a.m. from a nurse, who’d gotten a call from a reporter. In the middle of the night. Because nobody has anything better to do, little Miss Go-Getter with your early morning/late night beat. It’s OK, I’m here to take your call and tell you we can’t give you any information and to call the health department. Now I’ll just go back to what I was doing before, which was just waiting for more calls…..OR SLEEPING SOUNDLY.

Such is the life of the on-call people.

I can’t complain though. It’s a pretty easy gig and those types of calls really happen once in a blue moon. And the best part about the on-call rotation is the super special advanced technology we’re given to carry out these duties.

A Blackberry, I bet you’re thinking.

Think again, my friend. We take it way back, old school, at my place of employment. We rock pagers.Whose pager keep beepin’ and beepin’? Mine does, y’all. It’s the sweet sound of business being done.

I love two things specifically about my pager:

  • It’s numeric only — no letters up in its grill
  • One of the beep options is “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”

Other awesome things about it:

Incorrect date and time because I don’t bother changing the time because the battery dies too often.

No back to hold the battery in because I lost it pretty much the first week I had it.
Miscellaneous scratches and dents. Pager services provided by Verizon. My grandparents call it
“VER-iz-on”..ephasis on the VER.

I know what you guys are thinking. “Amanda,” you would say, “You do know smart phones are like, 4 cents these days and can do everything, like park your car and brush your teeth. Yet, you carry a pager? Explain.” Well not much to explain — I mean how can you beat the delicious irony of receiving a page and then returning that call using a smart phone. If I had something more advanced, how could I use my pager to make people uber-jealous? I’d have to figure something else out. I mean this pager really just makes my life easier.
Plus, the pager is the only option.
This weekend we were out buying our new kick-ass camera that I took these pager pics with and “Raindrops” starts a’blarin’. I was all, “oh snap! I’ve got something important to do.” We were checking out using my Best Buy card so Hubby said to the salesguy, “Is it OK if I check out using her card? She has a call to make…..for business.” Hellz yeah, for business!
When have you last seen a pager in public? Did you have a pager in middle school? Do you think pagers are making a comeback? Should I have made a graph to go along with this post?
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29 comments to It’s a pager. Jealous much?

  • The Empress

    I vote for a graph on the pager!

    Come over, I give you a shout out for your engagement story!!

  • Aimee

    OMG that is fantastic! HAHA now I want a pager. How important are you!!

    So I was too young when the pager craze was around. I had my first cell phone when I was 14 years old.

    I hated the pager when I was younger because my dad is a salesman and so when his pager went off while he was driving my siblings and I knew that it meant him finding a payphone and having to sit in the car for an hour waiting for him…. Would that be considered child abuse? LOL

    I havent seen a pager in ages but thy do come up in normal conversation when i hang out with my boyfriend and his best friend.

  • Jamie

    Dude, I don't even know how to work a pager. I'm so happy teachers aren't on-call, although I'd love to tell those kids to stick it!

  • Cathy

    A pager! I don't even know how to use one. Seriously, I've never ever used one. I'm guessing they are not making a comeback.

  • purseblogger

    LOL! I love the pager. You rock girl! I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a pager. They're making a comeback, YES!!

  • Hutch

    They still make pagers? I honestly was not aware. My stepdad used to have one for being on call at the hospital…in the late 80s/early 90s!

  • foxy

    Man, that is FREAKING AWESOME. Hahahaha. I can't believe you have to carry a pager… and it's PERFECT that the battery cover is missing. It's like a battle scar, you know?? I mean, that technology is only ANCIENT.

    And yes, I do think you should make a graph to go along with this. I big puffy heart your graphs. :)

  • SmartBear

    Oh wow…that is a flash back. I used to have to wear one for work back in the early 90's. Guy jumping off roof….beep beep beep. It's a wonder suicidal jumpers ever lived to see the day with pagers. They were not the fastest means to get some help.
    And, I'm always up for a graph…I need the visual.

  • SurferWife

    You appear to be largely important, Amanda. Are you sure I am allowed to view such important equiptment?

  • The Only Girl

    Don't feel so bad – my Hubby also has a pager for when he's on call for work AND he works for the Canadian equivalent of Nextel!

    But I guess they figure that he has to turn his work phone & blackberry (yes, he has both!) off during the night so he won't get calls all night (his is a 24/7 operation) and he has to charge them up at some point. Hence the good old pager.

    Graphs with everything please.

  • MeredithDuck

    This made me laugh out loud. I was watching the first season of 30 Rock last night and Liz Lemon's boyfriend Dennis is "THE" Beeper King of NYC. Maybe if you need a new one he can give you the hook up. :)

  • Audreya

    My brother-in-law is a maintenance man for a state-operated facility. They rotate weekend calls too… and he also has a pager. In about the same condition.

    Other than his, I'd say the last pager I saw was back when fax machines were still 'cutting edge'.

  • Sarah P

    Do a graph. I did one. It made me feel like I was using my brain.

    Hahaha! Not really.

    Pagers are awesome! What you should do is have something in your sidebar that updates us every time you get a page.

    You could be all, "2:40 p.m. Saturday. Reporter NEEDS to know correct spelling of dysentery."

  • Melissa

    I had to carry a pager earlier this year for "autopsy call." Yep, autopsy call is just what you think it is. I carried the pager waiting on a pathologist to call me to and tell me to call a few people in class to say that they have to do an autopsy and we can sit in. Needless to say, the only page I got was from myself to make sure it worked. Lucky me, I hung out on Charleston Ave (thats where are class building is) with a pager looking like a drug dealer.

    Don't worry, looked older than yours!

  • The Step In Mom. . .

    I feel your pain… I am on-call for 2 weeks at a time… except they transfer all the lines to my cell phone… So normally it is either a wrong number "Can you please tell me the price of gold today?" NO– Do I look like the bank? or some jerk calling at midnight to let me know god knows what is wrong with his building and it is a huge emergency… but he doesn't want us to come out until normal hours, so they don't have to pay for overtime…

  • liz

    i love that you're rockin' it old school. and yes, a graph would have been effective.

  • Bethany

    One of my husband's relatives still rocks a pager. He wears it proudly on his belt. Do you remember when there were entire stores devoted to the sale of pagers? I'm not even sure where you would buy one anymore. Maybe Radio Shack?

  • Babes Mami

    Pagers went out before I even really understood them, the last I saw was on Scrubs. In real life I found one in a house I was cleaning out a couple years ago! When I had my son I was expecting pagers but they all have cell phones, theey aren't smart phones but they are phones lol

    You can bring the pager back!

  • Rachel

    i totally had a pager in middle school. which is ridiculous because who the hell paged me then? its like "hey this is your mom, paging you, can you go get some milk?"
    or "hey this is your friend can i copy your homework"
    and the process to get those messages by page was ridiculously laborious. lol LOVE IT.
    I think you should take to facebook and stage a petition to bring back pagers because that would be really entertaining.

  • KLZ

    Please, please, please tell me you bought that pager from The Beeper King, Dennis Duffy.

  • Tara

    haha, i work at a doctors office and we use pagers to let them know when they're patients check in. i thought we were the only ones using old school technology!

  • Salt

    You should make a graph to go along with EVERY post.

    But anyway. Yes. I had a pager. I had one IN COLLEGE. Because I am old. I even had a code so people would know it was me paging.

    It was 52 in case you care.

    And no…no I don't think they will make a comeback.

  • jessalyn

    i have already told you a graph should be included in every post and you should charge other bloggers to make graphs for them…wait. you could get a pager for peeps who needs graphs like right stat now. that's serious.

    manfriend has a pager for work- BUT he has the option to get it in text messages, and he chooses not to because he doesn't trust text messages to come through. he also only pays for things with cash or check. i swear, i'm not dating an 80 year old…

  • Le Sigh of a Fashionista

    Ummm I'm pretty sure you are the only person left on the planet with a pager. hahah

  • LambAround

    To this day, I have absolutely no idea how to use a pager.
    It doesn't stop me from trying to page Sexy Nerd though. It frustrates him :p

  • Crazy Shenanigans

    I just laughed so hard! I had a pager in middle school when they were rocking and I felt so cool! However, I don't think they'll make a comeback…

  • BugginWord

    Thank God the belt clip is still intact. The glory of such a fine pager shouldn't be hidden away in the bottom of a bag or tucked into a back pocket. Where that pager proudly! You know, with your hammer pants and banana clip.

  • notquiteawake

    I'm with Hutch, I didn't even know pagers still existed. So obviously I'm super jealous! And the answer to "should I make a graph?" is always yes.

  • Dingo

    I had a pager back when I was a flight attendant. Then again, those were the days of prop planes and wing walkers so it's been a while.

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