Jazz hands come to Florida

My good buddy Hutch over at Be Awesome Instead has been trying to start a revolution. A revolution of sass. It all started with her guest post from Chicken , who suggested we stop taking boring pictures and start jazzing the place up! So since then, I’ve been on a mission to bring a little jazz into my own photos.

I used to go with the thumbs up in my pictures:

This was taken during our first trip to Disney as Florida residents when we visited four parks in one day. It was our 4 peat and this quarter was my reward. So of course I gave it a thumbs up.

The thumbs up is OK. It’s adequate. It represents how I am feeling and makes me feel less awkward than when I just have to stand around and look at a camera. but there was just something missing…

But then I started noticing a trend, and my own personal version of jazz hands, the “wave with your mouth open” pose. It’s both tacky and unflattering!

But I have gotten a little jazz handsy over the years, as evidenced by this gem from my sister’s wedding rehearsal:

Listen, I’m all kinds of sassy up in that church, y’all. I can even do jazz hands while holding my fake bouquet!  This one was sort of an inadvertant jazz hand pose — sort of a “mouth open waving”/jazz hands hybrid. After Hutch started the revolution, I knew I had to shape up in the posing department:

This was at the All Star Sports Resort at Disney, and while these little ducks are trying to hit and catch a baseball, I’m showing off my 10 little photo pals.

I forced my husband to take some jazz hands pictures after our anniversary dinner last week, you know, for the cause:

And even Sushi the cat got into it!

He’s extra good at it because he has extra thumbs. I’m sure he’ll want to do that again VERY soon.

So expect more jazz hands in the coming weeks, especially after my sister and I take loads of jazz hands pictures on our cruise next month. If you write your own, let Hutch know so she can link it, and tweet about it with the hashtag #jazzhandsrevolution. Let’s start something, people!

As if you need more encouragement, I present you with this graph of things that are awesome. You can’t argue with graphs. It’s science:

In other news, the Bachelorette started last night. Who is watching? I’m there for every white hot second of that mess. You should go read Jamie’s take on it over at Daydream Believer.

As for me, my thoughts can be best summed up in list form, from a conversation I had with my friend JP today:

JP: First of all, nice weave.
Me: Second of all, if you’re going to have a weave, can it please be in a color that occurs in nature? “yellow” is not a hair color.
JP: Third of all, wear a dress that fits. 
JP: fourth of all get your shoulders out of your ears.
Me: Fifth of all, shut the heck up with your stupid laugh.

 So there you go, my thoughts on the first 15 minutes of the Bachelorette. I’m going to see if Jamie wants to join forces for some Bachelorette snark on Mondays.

Happy Tuesday! *JAZZ HANDS*

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21 comments to Jazz hands come to Florida

  • Salt

    I think Sushi needs his own fan club also. Preferably featuring that jazz hands pic. He's such a rock star.

    I totally agree that Hutch is more awesome than Chick Fil A and that is a hard thing to achieve.

  • KLZ

    I love that Hutch ranks only slightly higher than Chik-Fil-A

  • just call me jo

    Dear Jazz Hands Tuesday,
    Did not watch Bachlorette but saw her on some talk show yesterday. What a twit! And you watch that, huh?
    Love your pics. At least you are consistent. I've been officially voted the world's worst picture taker (I need a graph to prove it.) I usually look like a stroke victim that has to go to the bath room. I think jazz hands with open mouth is ever so much better.


  • Logical Libby

    Jazz hands make everything more awesome. Point your finger like a gun and making a clicking sound while winking makes everything cooler.

  • Hutch

    You're all linked up! And you so had the jazz hands down in the church! God smiled that day :)

    LOVE the graph, I'm awesomer than Chick-Fil-A? So honored!

  • jessalyn

    there is a kid on the bachelorette this season from the cod. manfriend went to school with him. the cod has been pumping out some serious realty celebs lately. i think i should be next.

    also, you know how much i love your graphs. that one is genius.

    i really need to get on this revolution…

  • Jamie

    I have jazz hands, too! And I LOVE animated kitties! Sushi rules!

  • Chicken

    Jazz hands rule! Love them! And YES YES AND YESSSS about that damn hairdo she was sporting. That looked like she borrowed Vienna's white trash weave from the Bachelor.

  • liz

    who's got 2 thumbs and thinks jazz hands are the latest fabulousness?? This chick!

  • foxy

    Okay, first of all, I need to get on it with the jazz hands thing. I make some of the fiercest jazz hands out there, hands down. But up. In jazz formation. Yeah, like that.


    I wasn't going to watch the annoying whatshername, but I am. In fact, I just watched it online about 30 minutes ago. She bugs the crap outta me and looks like a little ho all sexin up all those different guys. I mean, GAH. But I'll watch and snark right along with you.

  • SurferWife

    You have a cat named Sushi? Does Sara Plays House know this? Her sushi just died though, so maybe she can love on your sushi.

  • The Random Blogette

    Oh yeah and open mouth with jazz hands is a necessity!

  • Crazy Shenanigans

    Haha! Do you think your jazz hand poses could have started back in the Phi Mu days? I am so excited about this season!

  • SaraPlaysHouse.com

    Hi. I KNEW Monique would not steer me wrong. An entire post dedicated to jazz hands!
    (I do have to disagree with the whole Chick Fil A is WAY less awesome than jazz hands. They're AT LEAST neck and neck!)

  • Sarah Mac

    We are going to have jazz hands all over that cruise ship!

    Sushi does the worlds best jazz hands. It must be the extra thumbs!

  • SmartBear

    I have always been a jazz hands kind of girl. lately though, I prefer to pretend to strangle people or punch people in pictures. Which is weird…cause I'm not violent or anything. The jazz hands are a peaceful movement…I must join.
    P.S. Gotta ask…how you feelin' chica?

  • Allyson

    Somehow I've missed the JazzHands Revolution, but I'm all for it. I totally have the mouth-agape pose down though. I've been doing that for years. And now that I think about it, there may be jazz hands involved and they're kind of like thrown out to the sides or something. I'll have to flip back through these photo albums of mine.

    I agree Hutch is more awesome than Chick Fil A…but I'm not sure if she's more awesome that Target's $1 aisle. I may need to know if she has any kind of stupid human trick in order to make that judgment call.

  • My Husband's Watching TV...

    I heart jazz hands so I can't wait to see upcoming pictures with them!

  • Alicia

    ahhh the joy of jazz hands! totally reminds me of will and grace! and i couldn't bring myself to watch the bachelorette. ali drives me up the friggin wall!!! but i loved the recap!

  • Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    Can I just say I love that your cat is named Sushi!

  • The Empress

    Please do the bachelorette snark on Mondays.

    I'll be here…and I love that kind of stuff.

    I cannot stand Ali, so I'm ready and all ears.

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