We’re not as crazy and unstable as we seem *update*

Usually around 2 to 3 pm I start getting the afternoon blues here in the old cubicle. Usually it’s just a case of the sleepies, but lately its’ been exacerbated by the snug fit of my work pants. There are days where I really can’t think of anything more than crawling under my desk for a nap. Just a short one.

So yesterday I texted my sister and the following conversation occurred. I’m transcribing these texts just like I got them :

Me: I look and feel yucky.
Sis: I’m sure you look pretty.
Me: I don’t. Fat and ugly face!!!!!!!!!!!! Boooooo
Sis: Noooooooooottttttttttt!!!
Sis: I’m eating a cookie for your plus one.
Me: Oh yummy, what kind?
Sis: Smiley face cookie from Servattis!!

About this time she sent this picture:


My sister will do pretty much anything, include making the nastiest face ever, to make me laugh. The subject of this message said, “BTW, THIS is fat and ugly”.

Me: Whatever. You are SO not fat! Or ugly! At least your pants are zipped.
Me: Hahaha it would be so awesome if they were! (they were, but only because the top clasp was broken. So technically, they were just not broken).

Right about this time, I sent her a picture of me:


Sis: (in response to this picture) You must have sent the wrong pic. you sent a beautiful picture of yourself.

So I sent this one:


She must have gotten the picture and I basically won the “I’m uglier” contest because she never did write back!

This is so what we do all the time, though. We spend a lot of time together saying things like, “You’re so pretty.” “No, you’re prettier.” or “I have the best sister.” “No, you have the second best sister because I have the best sister.” It’s truly ridiculous on many levels. And believe it or not, we both found guys who would marry us.

Oh, so question for you guys. Let’s say someone was interviewing for a job. What are your thoughts on kitschy leave behinds, like notepads with the candidates names on them, or personalized pencils? Tacky or brilliant?

*Update*  This “leave behind” is not my idea because I am not interested in looking for  a new job at all. But there are people who do come through here whether it be interns or applicants or whatnot, and they bring a variety of interesting leave behinds, so I guess I’m more curious as to what you guys think of people coming in to interview at your place of employment and who later leave things. That is all.

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31 comments to We’re not as crazy and unstable as we seem *update*

  • Ian

    Ugly contest LMAO.

    GTFO yer great looking and even better looking now that you are pregnant yo.

    Yer hormonal most likely and if you want to have an ugly-off my ass will turn you into Medusa in one hot minute!!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    What's the age diff between you and your sis? You gals are funny!

  • The Only Girl

    I want a sister too!!!!!

    My BFF is close, but I think a sister would be even better. You're so lucky.

  • jessalyn

    you guys are hilarious. it's things like that that make me wish i had a sister that could help me make it through horrid afternoons at work.

    as far as the leaving behind personalized things- i would be scared to leave a whole notepad b/c who would want to use paper with my name on it, but a pen or pencil, maybe. either the employer will love the creativity & think your genius, or it will get tossed in a pen cup and in 6 months someone will be like "who the heck is jessalyn whatsername?". i don't see it killing an employment opportunity though if someone is an awesome candidate. so maybe it's one of those "couldn't hurt to try" things?

  • The Random Blogette

    That's awesome! I always wish I had a sister. Brothers just say, yep you are one ugly bitch. I got my hair cut short once and he culled me a bull-dyke until it grew out. Grr… I have 3 sister-in-laws, but they just aren't the same. =(

  • Chicken

    I love making double chin pictures! Although by my photo collection it appears that's the only way I will take a photo. I would go with the pencils. But they have to be those giant novelty ones. I had a text conversation with my sister yesterday, but we were joking about me beating my husband. I'm pretty sure that was something morbid and offensive to joke about.

  • bbcd mama

    I'm figuring your boss doesn't read your blog, eh? :)

  • Jessica

    LOL!! You two crack me up! You both have a great sister…my sister sucks!

  • Cathy

    I have no sister. But I assume all sisters do stuff like this. I eat lunch with one of my brothers most days and we usually laugh at how crazy our parents are or talk about how lame our bosses are. None of it is as fun as what you two are doing. My brothers would think I was (even more of) a freak if I sent them an "ugly" picture of me.

  • Babes Mami

    I busted out laughing at your winning picture!

    As far as leave behinds, pens I think are lame but things like squishy balls and chocolate can stay around!

  • Hutch

    Now I wish I had a sister!

    And is the leave behind thing for reals? I remember during interview prep classes in grad school they were all about sending a hand written thank you note after an interview. I wonder if they tell students to brand themselves with products now?

  • KLZ

    Having a sister is the best, isn't it? It's like having a playmate for life! But not in a Hef kind of way. Gross….

    Anyway, my team at work is kind of snarky. If someone left something behind I think we'd shun them automatically. Mean, but true.

  • Sarah P

    Aw. I wish I had a sister.

  • Le Sigh of a Fashionista

    You girls are so funny. I wish I had a sister to entertain me on boring work afternoons!!

  • singedwingangel

    I can show ya fat and ugly wihtout lowering my chin to get the double chin look lol. You and your sis are hilarious..
    eeeeh I don't think I would leave stuff behind. Imean what if they thought I sucked then that would be one more reason for them to say conceited much lol we would rather forget ya thanks anyway roflmbo

  • Logical Libby

    Never leave something behind. You aren't running for school council.

    And you look lovely.

  • Laura E. Sanchez-Gonzalez

    oh you girls are very funny, and I have to say you guys a beautiful relationship.

    Thoughts of a Career Woman

  • Monique-aka-Surferwife23

    Firstly, what's a kitschy?

    Second, you and your sister are indeed rad. Congrats to your respective husbands.

    Thirdly, I love that you're pregnant.

  • SmartBear

    I have always wished I had a sister…that is too sweet.
    You look lovely, so shut your pie hole. This part of the pregnancy is the worst…you need a shirt that says "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant."
    Seriously, you're a stunner. Shut up.

  • Salt

    I think you look beautiful. I wish I had a funny sister to make me laugh when I feel like crap about myself.

    And the leave behind…meh. I don't like it. But that's just me.

  • Crazy Shenanigans

    This just cracked me up! You are too funny! The photos made me laugh till I almost cried. Am I going to see you when I'm down there? Or can you not ride rides since you got knocked up?? lol

  • foxy

    Love the sweet banter back and forth! ;) I don't have a sister, but I have a sisterly friend who I do the same thing with.

  • Laura E. Sanchez-Gonzalez

    Hi Amanda I leave you an award in my blog, visit me and you will see.

    Thoughts of a Career Woman

  • Copyboy

    Love, love, love the sis text conversation!!!!! Hilarious! I also love how you work in your favorite Rushmore line. Don't think I didn't notice.

  • Ally

    OMG this was so funny! I love it. I hate dressing up for work, that is when I'm actually employed.

  • Jackie

    love the "ugly contest" ! You guys have way too much fun! :)

  • Tracie

    I always wanted a sister.

    I think the leave-behinds are tacky and pushy. But I'm probably too persnickety.

  • Sarah With Scissors

    My university ID photo was so hideous that I used to bet the bartenders for a free drink if I could provide the ugliest ID photo they'd ever seen. It was so bad they would look at the picture and hand over my drink without saying a word. I drank a lot of free drinks that way… a couple bartenders always gave me at least one free drink every night. They called me "ugly picture girl". Ironically I was not offended at all. It was gospil truth, the picture really was that bad.

  • siobhan

    I always wished I had a sister!
    My brother is 5 years older then me and we never got along. He lives maybe 4 minutes from my house but we only see each other on big holidays with my parents.

  • Cheryl

    You & your sister are too cute. Perhaps I'm way out of touch, but I have never heard of this "leave behind" practice. It sounds brown noserish.

  • Jules

    You and your sister remind me of me and my sister. And really. This is a tough one. I'm gonna go with a tie.

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