This post will make more sense if you take some Dayquil

So, you guys, guess who got the ManCold? Yup, apparently picking up dirty tissues and sleeping right next to a sick person will, indeed, get you sick. Of course, I can’t let a little head cold get me down. And it is nothing more than a little head cold. I’ve done more in the first 12 hours of this cold than he did in a week. But he thinks it’s because “it hasn’t kicked in yet”. Right. Might not have anything to do with the fact I actually took something for it when he suffered for a week refusing to take anything but Nyquil at night. Dayquil, people — it is the wonder drug.

I made some homemade guacamole today. Dudes, I really adore me some guac. Publix had avocados on sale for  $1.25 each. I already had onions and tomatoes and garlic, so basically I made a whole mess of guacamole for $1.25! Now I’m going to eat the snot out of it while watching basketball. Speaking of basketball…

Today is the SEC tournament semi-finals. A die-hard University of Kentucky fan, Hubby was so super excited about watching the Cats play TN this afternoon. But big time FAIL for our local ABC affiliate, TV20, whose antennae  conked out at approximately 12:45 pm (with the UK game tip-off set for 1 pm.) But I don’t’ expect much more from a station that is more or less run by interns. We headed to Beef ‘O Bradys and had a nice little lunch while watching the game.

During halftime, I picked Hubby’s brain for this week’s blog posts. He suggested I write about the difference between men and women when they are sick. Um, too late. I guess I could always write about other differences, such as when men just can’t see messes and let them sit for a million years before women clean them up. Such as this example:

How cute is that lobster chalkboard anyway? Much cuter than rotten lemons.

This is a pitcher of lemonade made with real lemons that he got from a student at Valentine’s day (I know — weird gift but whatev.) VALENTINE’S DAY. That was a month ago. He immediately made this lemonade, drank one glass, set it on the counter where it has stayed for 4 weeks. Those lemons? Rotten. Like to the CORE rotten. Like green stuff all up in those lemons. But I feel like he should be the one to get rid of that mess, right? Do you hear me ladies? So now it’s a battle of wills that I’m apparently fighting myself because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even NOTICE the green lemons anymore. *sigh*

But then we came up with a really great series to celebrate the only time of year I actually enjoy sports — MARCH MADNESS PEOPLE. Get excited!

Here’s where I need your help. You know how guys who are really into sports have their own little secret language? It’s like Twin Speak or Pig Latin or something; little shorthand phrases they use to describe plays or players or refs. Like, for instance, “THAT PLAY WAS NASTY!” or “WAHOHOHOHOH THAT DUNK WAS SICK!” You know you, your men and/or men friends do this! So I need you to leave those phrases in the comments, email me or friend me on Facebook (that’s right, I’m going there) and leave it on my wall. I’m planning this one for Tuesday, so don’t let me down! You guys blow my mind with your clever-ness and wit!

Watch for my basketball themed series next week and if you want to get in on the hot bracket making action and you’re a bloggy person, Cathy from Antsy Pants is coordinating a little sumthin’ sumthin’ so go visit her or tweet her!

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25 comments to This post will make more sense if you take some Dayquil

  • Cassandra

    It sounds like someone has ADD.

    Ew tho, those lemons are nasty.

    and GET BETTER!

  • Amanda

    It's the Dayquil talking!

  • NatalieCottrell

    1. I thought I was the only one who ate the snot out of guac. Enjoy it, lady!

    2. I totally support your battle of wills! I don't care if the whole house smells rotten and tangy, leave that shit there. (Ugh. I threw up in my mouth thinking about the smell. But I'd still stand strong. Maybe get some of that crap they use during autopsies to avoid barfing over the dead bodies. Just an idea.)

  • The Boob Nazi

    Ugh. I hate being sick. But way to go not letting it get you down!

  • Sarah With Scissors

    I feel your pain… I actually referred to your man cold in one of my posts which I now have thanks to a dude at work. And I am Nyquilling it up have decided Nyquil (and Dayquil) with all their liquid fast action relief need better labels

    But as for you man code of the sporting variety – I get to hear it a lot as I work with all men and we did just have the Olympics up here in Canada. Here are my favorites (although maybe not directly basketball related):
    1. "That dude owned him on that rebound" – I guess you can "own" another person and their momentary lack of skills
    2. "Dude, he fanned that shot" – usually heard in hockey which makes sense (guy waves his stick over the puck instead of hitting it so "fans" the puck, but usually it means he totally botched the shot" but I've heard it carried over into basketball as well which doesn't make sense to me.
    3. "That guy needs to put his purse down" – a personal favorite referring to the fact the guy is too busy lugging a heavy purse and being a woman to play his sport… sadly I actually have used this saying as well when I play volleyball now, but have adapted it to "put down the Prada and hit the ball" (usually saying it to myself, but now my entire team uses it).
    4. "That shot had three sheets of business" (?) – okay, maybe that was just the one guy who couldn't come up with anything and really got confused… but for real I've heard it out of a dudes mouth.
    5. "That was a smack attack" – referring to an awesome play that pretty much slaps the other team in the face I guess.
    6. "That guy/they got schooled" – referring to the fact that the other player/team just showed the other how a play should be done.

    Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. If I think of any more (or hear any in the next little while) I will comment again… or tweet you.

  • Crazy Shenanigans

    I hope you start feeling better Amanda!! Those lemons…eww! I would throw the whole thing away.

  • Julie

    Very cool about the basketball stuff… I found myself watching G-town/WVU tonight. Didn't get to catch the UK game though. :(

    Trying to get in on the bloggy brackets. Thanks for the heads up on that! :)

  • Daisygirl

    ummm ya dayquil rocks! Guys are just dumb…so laughing at the rotten lemons…ewww! Been there with many things with my hubby, empty cartons of milk back in the fridge, food he made and put in tupperware promising to eat it but sits in the back for weeks growing delicious bacteria and probably eye balls!

  • mariahsmile

    Feel better soon! I'm trying to get rid of a sinus infection!

  • My Husband's Watching TV...

    OMG! I totally hear ya on the leaving the mess for him to clean up but I know I will because he just won'!!! Sorry, no super fun phrases from me…hubs is totally not into sports. Not that we're having kids but if we did, the poor child would have to inherit all their athletic ability and sense from me!

  • Sarah P

    Hmmmm … I'll have to think about this one.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Hutch

    Ok one of my all time faves that I actually have never said myself (most phrases coming out of any guy can be heard coming from me year round, yes I'm that bad)…"Get off your knees ref, you're blowing the game!" From my experience having lived all over this great country, every guy knows this! It's scary.

  • LambAround

    I hope you feel better soon! My husband and coworkers know they are NOT ALLOWED to pass their icky sick germs onto me!

  • Monique-aka-Surferwife23

    well, let's see. I don't have any basketball ones, because we aren't basketball watchers here. (Though we do love March Madness).

    So I can offer up, "Did you see that sick juke move?" from football.

    And, "Bro, the waves are epic." from surfing.

  • liz

    Believe it or not, I married a guy who is NOT into sports. Betcha thought there wasn't such a beast.

    I can, however, relate to the lemonade thing. I've left his stuff sit and worked around it until he finally got around to cleaning up his own mess.

  • JMJE

    1-I love guac!
    2-Sometimes I leave messes out for a long time. And some times I'm super disturbed by messes that stay out and have to remove them immediatly.
    3-Ok, my husband just said a phrase is "he was posterized". I'm not really sure what that means.

  • Chicken

    Wow…I know all too well the things that Dayquil can do to your head. I was just talking about the time I passed out in a practical coma from it only to wake up 5 hours later and about 50 missed calls from people thinking I was dead. Yeah, not so fun. You show that Man Cold who's boss..and no it's not Tony Danza it was totally Mona.

  • Brittney

    Haha after the lemons.. I have gucci Mane's song stuck in my head!!!

    As far as sports lingo… uhmm.. I dont even watch sports but ive heard hubby say!!

    Hell yeah that shit was stoopid,,, in this case stupid means awesome who knew? hahaha!!

  • Allyson

    I would LOVE to judge hubs on leaving rotting lemons in a cesspool of disgusting…but we've had to throw out a whole collection of Rubbermaid containers because Neal can't take 7 minutes to clean out the fridge. Yes, I work from home…no, I don't work ON the home everyday. Seriously? You can't dump the nasty? I am SO with you on holding out until he finally gives in then. But maybe you should evacuate when he finally does it. That can't smell good…even though, as far as rotting foods go, it probably smells better than say…a trash can full of shrimp shells.

    I am SOOOO excited about your March Madness posts. I just dug out some 4-year old Allyson pictures in UK gear for my post tonight. The next 3 weeks is the ONLY reason why I heart March. (And it's been quite the dry spell…hello Tubby and Gillespie).

    I will think on what phrases we throw around for basketball season. Neal is not such a sports fan, but I can MORE than make up for it!

    Good luck with ManCold. I have drained a Dayquil AND a Nyquil…my fun tip? Buy them packaged together.

  • Cathy

    Thanks for sending people over to the bloggy bracket challenge!

    I can guarantee that your hubs has no clue about the rotten lemons. They're oblivious to that stuff.

    I think I tried to comment on this last night while drinking. I hope I didn't. If you have a weird comment from me, just go ahead and delete it!

    My favorite sports saying that works for anything "And boom goes the dynamite". Watch it here

  • Elle

    Hope you feel better soon! The lemons would drive me crazy. I'd start getting really passive-aggressive with Hubs in the hopes he'd get the point. If that didn't work, I'd get rid of them, letting him know that I did it and didn't appreciate having to do it.

  • Alissa

    You didn't by chance take the entire package of Dayquil did you? I don't have this much energy when I'm healthy let alone sick. Hope you feel better soon, though.

    As for sports lingo, my ears are deaf to this so I don't think I can be much help.

  • Salt

    I hope you are feeling better!!!!
    I'm so not on the up and up with basketball, but I have the same twin-speak with my friends during football season. :)

    I think I may have to go check out Cathy's anyway!

  • Sheba Joyce

    First–you referred to "Snot" after talking about Guacamole–eww.

    Second—leave the lemonade until you have a frickin lemon tree in your kitchen :)

  • JoeyRes

    I've been going light on the daytime meds and really giving myself a cold medicine cocktail at night.

    I'm miserable and should spring for some Dayquil.

    I hope everyone (including my selfish self) is better soon.

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