Our Disney Sports Weekend (Volume 3): I probably won’t quit my day job. Probably.

If you’ve missed them, Volume 1 and Volume 2 of this epic trip.

So during our getting famous and not getting killed, we tried a new feature at Hollywood Studios which is the Animation Station. I might have just made up that name, but it accurately describes the attraction. It’s part of the animation “studio” that used to be a really legit studio until they decided computer animation was the way to go. How it’s mostly a place to get awesome pictures taken with Disney characters. And they also pretend actual animation goes on here.

The Animation Station is a 20-minute class in which a Disney employee who is an artist teaches guests how to draw Disney characters using basic shapes (apparently how real cartoonists do it). We took the class three times during the weekend and learned to draw Donald, Goofy and Mickey.

First we learned Donald:

My Donald.
Hubby’s Donald (Clearly mine is better)
Next was Mickey:
How awesome is my Mickey, anyway?
Hubby wouldn’t let me post his because he said it was too horrible. I probably could have posted it anyway because he doesn’t read this, but I’m a really nice wife.
The last class, we drew Goofy:
Hub’s Goofy.
My Goofy.
So I know by now you’re all totally jealous of my drawing skills, but please note that I am not planning on making this a career because it was stressful, y’all! There were no erasers on those bad boy pencils! But I do sort of kick butt at drawing Disney characters.
To thus ends my fabulous journey to Orlando.
I had every intention of posting this yesterday, but we’re suffering from Man Cold 2010 (the sequel) at my house which is sucking every spare bit of energy from everyone that lives here.
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23 comments to Our Disney Sports Weekend (Volume 3): I probably won’t quit my day job. Probably.

  • The Boob Nazi

    Wow. Those are good! Are you normally good at drawing? I ask because I'm a terrible drawer and just wonder if I'd be able to draw it that well myself!

  • Cathy

    Nice skills, lady! Those are pretty good. I hate the man cold. I mean seriously, blow your damn nose and stop whining.

  • mariahsmile

    I believe what you commented on my blog about Man Cold 2010 most definately! Phil was sick the entire time he was here, and just left to go home cause he said that he would probably take multiple stops since he is feeling so bad. He moaned & groaned and tossed & turned all night. So no energy for me today!

    BTW – love your drawings!

  • Chicken

    Your Hubby's drawings look like the criminal scetches for the Disney version of America's Most Wanted. I think Donald might be the guy that works at my local liquor store?

  • Daisygirl

    I am actually really jealous of your drawing skills! Those are all really really good! And wow seriously you are the nicest wife ever you let your husband know that because I woulda posted my hubby's bad drawings! ~Jen

  • Suzanne Westover

    WOW. Either you are secretly an artist or in the most Magical Place on Earth latent talents manifest themselves. I wonder if I this means I might actually be able to sing? See I was cut from the choir in Grade one after belting out a single note…But wait, this is getting long…perhaps you'd like a guest post on the subject? (Saw your note on Lady Bloggers.) You see, I lack enough talent to fill a book -and have, actually. Just need to find a publisher.



    PS Let me know if you need an emergency mitten shippment from Canada…spring is coming up North…

  • tootie

    You did well! I can draw stick figures and that's about it. Sounds like a fun class!!

  • Unknown Mami

    I am totally jealous! Your drawings kick butt.

  • Jamie Jenson

    I want to take this class! I suck at drawing; did you know you had mad skillz before taking this class, or did this class bring it out in you?

  • Jackie

    Great job on the drawings! I can't even draw a straight line properly. and I hope that you don't get any more energy drained from you by the Man Cold. Boys. They need to suck it up. ;)

  • OG

    Solid talent on the drawings. Can you imagine people used to do that all by hand – one frame at a time.

  • Em Static

    I'm totally impressed with your drawing skills. I'd probably have something misshapen and unidentifiable on the paper. No erasers? Seriously. You should get an award.

  • My Husband's Watching TV...

    Sorry Amanda's hubs but…hers ARE better!

  • Crazy Shenanigans

    Those look awesome. I can't even draw a stick figure!

  • JMJE

    Man, you should totally get a job working as a Disney Animator. Those are good.

  • Scraps

    I was incredibly depressed at the closing of the Disney Institute (eons ago)–no seminars with animators for me :(

    You're drawings are really cute, hubs aren't that bad, either!

  • Mayra, mommy to Pooh Bear

    Those are great!! Disney characters are the only ones I can draw. =D Now following you…

    Found you on Lady Blogger's Society.Regarding one of your comments, I hope you can help me. You said there's a setting that people can reply right to an email other than the no-reply@blogger.com?

    Hope you cna help. Thanks! =)

  • Acting Balanced Mom

    Stopping by from SITS – fabulous art work! Yours and hubby's! What a neat reminder of your trip!

  • Hutch

    They have this at CA Adventure…I've never felt so talented in my life! :)

  • foxy

    I'm just sayin, I am HIGHLY IMPRESSED with your drawing skillz. I can draw Garfield, but that's it. My boyfriend taught me how in 5th grade and that's something I've never forgotten. Funny, huh?

    Hey – I have a little something for you over at my place! :) Yay!

  • Salt

    Whaaaaa!? I want to learn how to draw Disney characters! That's it. Whether hubs likes it or not, we are going to Disney. The last time I was there, I was too young to appreciate things like this and would have rather eaten 8 tons of cotton candy and then ridden Thunder Mountain Railroad until I threw up.

    You have wonderful skillz as an artist!!

  • Allyson

    I think you may want to discuss with hubs about his vision. He has sort of a disproportionate view of a Disney character's bill/beak/whatever to its face. I wonder what your lips would look like if he drew you. Hahahaha…And I would fear retribution but if he doesn't read your blog then he DEFINITELY doesn't read your comments section. So, I feel safe. I think you have MAD Disney drawing skills and it kind of makes me want to send you the Art Institute test (y'know the one they advertise for between The Price is Right and Colonial Penn Life commercials) just to see how you'd do. ;) But nah…who needs STRESS??

  • Cheryl

    Holy moly, your drawings rock!

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