Country roads are taking me somewhere, but not really home

Have you missed me posting all over your blogs the past few days? Hubby and I have been in West Virginia, the place of our births the place of my birth because Hubby will never let you forget that he was born in Kentucky even though he was raised for most of his life in WV and..AND…eastern Kentucky pretty much is the same as WV, how is that even better? Anyway. That’s where we were. And boy, oh boy did I get behind on my blogging.

It was great for one reason only — sister time. Sister time is my favorite time ever. It’s filled with just pure awesomeness topped with icing from the most delicious cake place called Servatiis.

This is what I imagine Sister time looks like:

 We totally demolished that cake.

We had the best time just sitting around and talking and eating and then a not so great time watching UK lose to my mortal enemies, WVU. Then we reverted back to best times by making her cats dance.

Before the trip to sister’s house, Hubby and I visited my Mom and Dad, who are getting ready to sell our childhood home. Mom finds all sorts of treasures, and by treasures I mean things that she doesn’t have the heart to throw away, so she gives them to us to “do with them what we will.”

One of these treasures was a big, plastic Big Boy bank. Do y’all have Shoneys? Well long ago and far away, Shoney’s used to be Shoney’s Big Boy. I guess there are still Big Boy restaurants around, but here is the logo:


So I’m laughing thinking, where on God’s green earth did this come from? Mom proceeds to tell me how when my sister and I were little, she wanted this Big Boy bank more than anything and Mom wouldn’t buy it for her. Big sister stepped in and bought it for her as a gift. Now I know, you’re wondering, how did a young child get money to buy something like this? And to that I don’t’ have an answer and neither did Mom. It’s so appropriate, though, because my Sister has always been awesome with money and is now an accountant, so I like to think I was building her dreams even at a very young age. I’m selfless and amazing like that. You’re welcome, Sissy.

I decided it would be super funny to take the Big Boy to her for it to live in it’s rightful home. Hub and I brought it in and wrapped it in paper we found in Sarah’s dining room, then handed it to her. She was all, “Oh! A present!” and then laughed her face off when she saw it:

Please note the Snuggie she has on. And look how the Big Boy is staring longingly at her. Her husband better watch his back, is all I’m saying.

And also during this trip, our husbands went shopping together which we both agree will NEVER happen again. Go to her blog to read about that story and to see some male modeling.

Oh! And we are both known for saying some random things because that’s just how our brain spits them out. Sarah was showing me her scrapbook calendar and one page has a pic of our two cats who passed away and Sarah’s new kitties. Sarah said, “These are my two dead cats and these are my two alive cats” and also “He [one of the new cats] has a skunk eye in this one because he has the herp.” And those are both reasons why she’s the best.

Then on the way back, Hubby and I were simultaneously bored out of our skulls and terrified for our lives. If you don’t know that feeling, drive I75 through Tennessee.

We’re really into huge mugs lately, like the ones that hold 72 oz of water or whatever, because we both need to drink a ton more water than we already do. So I borrowed one from Sarah and then he randomly found one at a gas station. He found another use for it when we stopped at Arby’s:

I am unbelievably proud.

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21 comments to Country roads are taking me somewhere, but not really home

  • Sarah Mac

    Saturday was the BEST day of the entire month and probably the best day of the year…except for the part when UK lost and we had grumpy pants.

    A coworker of mine was looking through our pictures from this weekend and she said "Why did you have cake?" As if there is a reason to NEED cake. I told her it was because we just like cake.

    Every little girl dreams of becoming an accountant, so thank you for that.

  • tootie

    That's hilarious that you found the Big Boy bank! (I didn't know such a thing even existed, although I have heard of Big Boys.)

    Glad you had a fun visit!

  • Linda

    I LOVE sister time. Execpt my cake would be chocolate. I love Shoneys. We had them in Oklahoma where I served my mission. And Braums. Now my mouth is watering.

    I think Bob's Big Boys should replace gnomes as the lawm ornament of choice.

  • Jackie

    yes, really, people actually *need* a reason for cake? how about "It's Tuesday" or "I got dressed and put the same color socks on". ;) Sister day seems like a great reason for cake!

    We didn't have Shoney's, but we had JB's Big Boy out in Rapid City (SD) where I grew up. He looked amazingly similar to the Shoney's big boy. They even had a humongo Big Boy statue outside the restaurant – like taller than the restaurant. Like the Happy Chef restaurant mascot. Only cuter.

    My mom tries to send stuff home with me, 99.9% of which I do not want. My dad tells me to just take it anyway and throw it out on the way home. ;)

  • Em Static

    There's a Shoney's here, but by the looks of that place you'll never catch me eating there. But then again I'm apparently a big Yankee snob because I also refuse to eat at Waffle House. Whatever. I did my time at White Castle in Jersey.

    Glad you had a good time. :)

  • liz

    It would be way better if your sister actually went out and bought that life-sized B.B. bank (which is what I thought at first…apparently did read closely enough). Can I ask, how does one make a cat dance?

  • mariahsmile

    1. Cake looks DELICIOUS!

    2. I'm not so happy WVU won cause now I can't go back to Morganhole and secretly laugh at all my friends for being upset.

    3. I'm glad you and your sis had fun!

    4. Your hubby is a smart man!

  • Babes Mami

    I LOVE and miss sister time!! One of my four lives close but she is busy so I love when we finally get to hang out!

  • Crazy Shenanigans

    Ok, I have a confession to make. Anytime I see a Big Boy, I usually stop and eat at them. I don't know what it is about them. I think it's the big boy that draws me in. I'm totally jealous of that bank!

  • Ginny Marie

    We had a Big Boy at the edge of campus when I was in college, so we would go there on dates. Yeah, it was so romantic!

    My sister was here for a few days, but had to go home. :( We miss her!

    Visiting from SITS!

  • My Husband's Watching TV...

    Sister time is the best! The big boy reminds me of Austin Powers.

  • LambAround

    Sigh. No sisters here :(
    Okay, I have to know. How do you make a cat dance?!

  • Daisygirl

    What a wonderful family visit!
    OH Bob's Big Boy I have so many child hood memories from that place!

    And um ya that is one huge mug…wowza!

  • JMJE

    That Big Boy is awesome. I want one. My mom frequently requests that I come get random junk from her house that she wants to get rid of.

  • xoxoKrysten

    Oh. My. Gosh. Cannot believe the Big Boy bank. I've never been to a Big Boy but I think I need to.

  • Salt

    Big Boy is looking at your sister in an awfully creepy way. I don't know how comfortable I would feel leaving them alone together. :)

    And what a brilliant idea! Is it a mug? A sandwich holder!? Eff that! It's BOTH!

  • randomblogette

    We still have a couple of Big Boys around the Toledo area. Not the best food, but not bad either! That cake looked amazing. It makes me want cake now!! Sounds like you guys had a great time!

  • Hutch

    Everyone needs to stop with their pics of sweets, wine or liquor. I feel like they're everywhere during this last week. All I wanna do is bust into the girl scout cookies or pop open a bottle of wine…soon enough

  • Cathy

    I think there's a Big Boy way up in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I think I have a pic of the giant Big Boy outside the restaurant. I'll check when I get home and let you know for sure. Because I'm cool like that.

    Also, I ate at a Fat Boy drive in in Maine last summer. I ate there because it was called Fat Boy. I have a picture of my husband eating a hamburger dipped in nacho cheese. I know. Awesome.

    I like cake. And hells no you don't need a reason for cake.

  • Sunshinemeg

    HAhaah! I've been to a Big Boy in Ohio before. Never taken a picture with Big Boy though… hmm looks like I'll add that to list of amazing things to accomplish in my lifetime! I was so impressed with the burger on top of the cup, it's just genius. Thanks for a great laugh!

  • Cheryl

    I'm pretty sure that Big Boy is going to come to life at night. I hope your sister locks her bedroom door. Also, had I known that Sister Time involves cake, I totally would have campaigned for my mom to give me a sister. Who knew?

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