Deals from Old Navy

I have this knack for finding really great deals on clothes. I don’t think there is one thing in my closet that I paid more than $10 for.

Usually I shop at Kohls for clearance stuff with a coupon on top of that. Old Navy has some really good buys too.

Have you ever been to the Old Navy Weekly site? It’s pretty cool. You have to “hunt” for your coupons, which are hidden in the site. Sometimes you click on a modelquin and the coupon will pop up, other times you have to drag one item, like a shirt or scarf, to another part of the site or click on something that moves quickly across the screen (think leaves falling or a mouse running across the floor).  The whole thing is themed like an US Weekly or other smutty gossip mags. Admittedly, the modelquins FREAK ME OUT. But you know what doesn’t freak me out? Coupons for 10%, 15% or 20% off. Also: $50 purchases of $100 or more. That’s 50% off!

Ok, so the hunting part sucks A LOT, especially since the best coupons are hidden. And I have to work to make money to shop for Old Navy stuff and that does not include watching a Web site for hours to click on a bird that flies across the sky. So that’s’ why I was SO excited to find this site: Sweet Deals 4 Moms. She has the hiding places for all the coupons each week. The coupons come out on Thursdays, I believe, and they only are valid for one week.

I just found a 20% off entire purchase coupon that expires on Thursday, so I think I’ll go take a look!

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4 comments to Deals from Old Navy

  • Miranda Tucci

    A W E S O M E!! Thank you so much to sharing!!! :-)

  • Jackie

    I'm going to Kohl's today and am about to look for coupons online right now! I was at the dentist this am and my hygienist was telling me about a site she goes to but couldn't remember the name of – something with value or something like that in the name? I think they have Penney's coupons like the kind you get when you fill out one of their survey on the receipt. She was even going to give me her Kohl's one she had but couldn't find it in her purse! Coupons are awesome!

    Q for you though – how do you organize yours and remember to use yours (i.e. grocery ones)? I still end up finding coupons a month later in my purse after they've expired.

  • SS

    How funny, I did try once and only found one funky little coupon and got frustrated. Thanks for the tip and the link, I'll give it a try!

  • Amanda

    Jackie, my friend Jeana had a great idea on her blog:

    I am going to try it out!

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