Nail Selfies

If you paint your nails and don’t take a picture, did it happen?

Nail selfies — they are the beauty equivalent of “pics or it didn’t happen”. My nail selfies have come a long way (unlike my outfit selfies, which are always, ALWAYS taken in the bathroom mirror at work.) At first, I just took pictures of them in “the claw” position…all twisted together like I was fixing to mix up a potion around my cauldron or something. Then, I discovered I could hold a bottle of nail polish and show off my nails. Then I started wearing Jamberry, and I had to get more creative.

I hold all manner of things — bottles of lotion, necklaces, scarves, Ipsy bags. Chocolate. Wine. Coffee. Sometimes I coordinate my wraps and my prop. Sometimes I ask someone else to take the picture LIKE A GOOBER. Sometimes I embarrass myself and others by holding onto things in public and awkwardly turning my cell phone camera so it’s at the perfect angle. I have no shame when it comes to nail selfies.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Kiss me Ombre and Black and White Polka - Available on

Kiss me Ombre and Black and White Polka – Available on

My planner matched perfectly with my official birthday Jamicure, chosen by my best customers in my Insiders group.


June’s Sister’s Exclusive, Born to Sparkle

Here is Born to Sparkle and my red Walmart bubble necklace right before July 4. Cuz, ‘Merica, y’all.


Sweet Citrus — Available until August 31, 2014

Giving a shoutout to my old friend, the bathroom stall mirror at work.

Flirty Flair

With sunglasses that I promptly sat on and broke.

April’s Exclusive, Psychedelic style

“Dad, could you take a picture of my nails for me?” “Take it again, my fingers look funny.”

White Chevron and Blue Sapphire Sparkle

“Luke, give me that basketball you’re playing with…I have a nail selfie idea…”

Etched Leaf – Available until August 31, 2014

With some EBay Jewelry.

Annnnnddd I could go on and on and on. I love nail selfies, clearly — and even more with Jamberry.

Do you have a Jamberry nail selfie to share?? I”m having a photo contest on my fan page!! Enter here and share your nail selfie with your friends on Facebook and Twitter! The most votes will win a $25 gift certificate from me to spend on our new fall catalog launching on September 1!! If you’ve never tried Jamberry, request a sample and post your sample and polish in the selfie contest. I’ll share my favorites on my Facebook fan page!



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